Monday, August 22, 2011


Haha, just trying to get your attention. 
I think everyone knows ad2million is toast, or pretty darn close anyway. Admin is still doing payments but they're like $20 here and $30 there for only one or two members per month. Nothing to get excited about, that's for sure, LOL
On another note...
Have you joined my ad2m replacement yet? If not, why not?


--- Bi-24 - The Power of 2%: this was launched on July 31st and only a few changes (for the better) have been made since then. You get more credits now when purchasing each AdUnit. Bi-24 is Alert Pay Credit Card Approved. STP had to be discontinued but allowances have been made for that. And there's a Live Chat feature in the support page. Right On! 

-- Cost $10 per AdUnit position (no add'l fees)
-- Receive 4000 credits per position for advertising
-- Earnings are 2% daily - up to 150% ROI 
-- Accepts AP and STP (CC IS available
-- New purchase from earnings balance IS available 
-- No sponsoring required to earn however a generous 7% will be paid on new AdUnit purchases made (via pay processor) by your direct referrals 
-- Minimum withdraw is $5 (there is a small fee on w/d's) 
-- One withdraw allowed every 72 hours 
-- Payouts will be made in 12-48 hours after request 
-- Free members can earn RC (nice for those who can't afford to buy a position but enjoy promoting... your commission can also be used to purchase your own AdUnit when it reaches $10 or more)

-- NEW: several new banners and a splash page
-- Live Chat with Admin available in the support page

Guess that about covers it. Just wanted to give you a reminder that Bi-24 should not be overlooked if you enjoy these types of programs.

- Now we all know there's a lot of new ones popping up every day, but I don't know who these Admins are. Nor do I know if they'll be run honestly or if it's just a scam from the get go. I'd much rather stick with the few that I know and love than to show you 20 different programs that I know nothing about.

--- Had to laugh yesterday when I saw Gord (in his newsletter) refer to Larry at CenturionWealth as the Mad Scientist working diligently in his Laboratory to perfect his creation for us all to enjoy... "Hey if that leg don't work, rip it off and replace it with one that does!"
- the company 'profit' made from last weeks Tornado will be used to cycle current CWC positions in the next 48 hours or so. 
- the Next Tornado is currently on the drawing table (or is that the operating table, hehe) and will be a 2 way cycler.
- also mentioned (in the CWC blog) that there will be a new addition to our program that will provide residual monthly income. Now that's what I'm talkin about!
So get out the old scalpel Larry and keep us informed on how the operation goes. More power to ya!!

--- JBP-JSS-Tripler: Someone mentioned that when they bought new Tripler positions from earnings, that they're getting double the amount they purchased. That's not good, and not everyone is honest enough to report it. Well I'm due to purchase 5 more today but maybe I'll hold off a bit until they get that fixed. Just hate overloading the support staff with tickets, ya know?

OK, off to pay my monthly credit card bill. Many Thanks to Fred, Carl and all the JBP members who have made this a much easier task for me. You know, when you don't have a regular income working for "the man", everything you earn here online is such a relief. I've actually been able to buy a few extras lately that I normally wouldn't consider. 

--- One last note: Got Paid from all three programs I wrote about today. Yay! 


Unknown said...

Hi Blondie
Bi-24 ORIGINAL Banners that I have placed on another Website no longer work.
Do the New Banners mean old ones are Obsolete?
If I have to replace them - I will lose the "points" I had purchased to place them ...

Ivan said...

Hi BangkokMike, which exact banners are not working? All banners previous ones and new ones are in the same category as always and never been moved.

Can you just edit the banner link in the place you are using for advertisement?

Ivan (Bi-24 Admin)

robertg said...

well I thought that i had something great here at CWC. But my position has not cycled since aug. 9th and its now the 22nd, with only 4 bucks in my account. Plus I bought a pos. in the tornado which i understand was suppose to be 2 positions. nope natta
is this another ad2million? or what.

blondie said...

First of all Robertg,
CWC is a profit share program which pays on Token sales made. Have you made a lot of sales?

2nd, the Tornado 'feeder' was $15 per position which equaled 2 tokens, not 2 positions.

No, there will never be another ad2million. At least I hope not! LOL

robertg said...

thank you so much, i have made no sales, dumb me thought i could still earn without sponsoring.And again I thought a token was a position. oh well guess I need to start reading the (fine print) I promote every day must be doing something wrong i guess anyway thank you so much for all you do for us (LOYAL FAN) robertg.

robertg said...

just copied this from CWC

NO SPONSORING REQUIRED, NO MEETINGS NECESSARY our Profit Sharing System pays out $30 over and over again!!

robertg said...

well i found the snag at CWC and I think your followers need to read the last sentence in terms it follows

Our members only benefit when their customers "recruits" purchase products.
What happen to the opening line?

blondie said...

OK, Robert ...
You don't have to make sales to earn. But those who do can earn more. (the RC). Every sale made, no matter who makes it, cycles 45 positions. K

A Token in CWC is an advertising token/position. In the Tornado however, 1 position bought you 2 tokens. The tokens are Advertising tokens. I know, it was a little confusing. Had to read it twice myself :)

blondie said...

It's all there:
""It is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting other people to join a trading scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings can be easily achieved." - Our members only benefit when their customers "recruits" purchase products. Members do not benefit by introducing others to the program."

Fritzie said...

hey, yeah, I noticed I got double the number of positions I bought for the past two days and was wondering if there was any rule about that.. I was wanting to email support about that but got distracted and forgot, thanks for your blog reminding me about it! hihi.. oh, and I don't know how to reach support aside from sending an email to the address where my payments are coming from, hope they get it :|

blondie said...

Hi Fritzie,
In JBP, after you login, on the left side bar under Help, there's a How To Get Help link. Go there.
Then see #2 the page it opens.
"If after doing the above you still cannot resolve your problem/issue, you can submit a Help Request."
Hope that helped for next time.

Fritzie said...

I just did and also got a reply real fast. Here goes:


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please give us time to make the necessary adjustments as we are focusing most of our attention on the new servers. For now, enjoy the extra earnings.

...ummmm ok.. weeeee?? haha :D

blondie said...

Wow, that's great!
I've seen others get that reply but wasn't sure they were still letting it slide, lol
Congrats! hehe