Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Morning

Lots of news in the news on TV lately. 
Nasty earthquakes on the East Coast of the U.S. Had one here in Colorado yesterday too, which is odd. Happened in the southeast part of the state though, not near Denver. Next the U.S. has a new hurricane coming up the east coast. Hope everyone is getting prepared for that ... just in case.

--- Bi-24 - Power of 2%: Today is a re-purchase open day. I did quite a chunk last week so might save up for a bit now. We've built over 700 members (yes We, cause I know you guys are helping) and Ivan is active in the chat on the site plus the MMG forum plus facebook I think (but I don't like fb so I can't swear to that part). Bottom line is, he's doing a great job with this program and all I'm seeing are happy members everywhere I look. Yippee!

 --- CWC: the end result from the Tornado last week hasn't been moved to the main cwc cycler yet. I'm guessing that will happen soon but Larry wanted to give folks ample time to withdraw.
Now, the positions in the Tornado which did not mature will be moved to the main program cycler. Yes I'm aware that people are complaining about the main cycler, but don't forget this is a Profit Share System. When someone purchases a Token, the money is shared daily via the cycler.
I have quite a few positions there and normally cycle a few of them each day or two. But if you only have a handful of positions, then of course cycling will take longer. Now picture the Admin like a 'paper boy' peddling around the block over and over again and when he gets to your house, he'll throw you a cycle.

--- JBP-JSS: it's been getting harder and harder for me to get to the Tripler back office. I did manage to get in on Monday late and made 5 purchases from account balance. Like a lot of others, I was credited with double. Dang. OK sent in a support ticket to let them know it's still happening.
On a happier note, the server move is coming along nicely and should make life a lot easier for us soon.
In the meantime, they're still picking up around 200 new members daily with the total members now getting close to 20K. Nice :) 

--- GrandBankClub: besides being a 'clubhouse' for the K-Game, it's also a profit share and surf site. Did you know that? This keeps Gord busy and out of trouble (sort of) and I'm sure everyone who's in GBC is very thankful for his commitment to all of this. Group Hug for Gord, lol 

--- GlobalSurfPro: still doing my daily surfing and advertising and all that good stuff there. For 10 bucks, it's a cheap way to advertise though I wish there were more members to view all those sites. Ah well. It's all good and I was just thinking out loud. 

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af412 said...

Looks like a restart is in the works for JSS. Here's the message. You can also copy from the site.


JBP/JSS Server Move
Important Message from Frederick Mann

We've been the victims of our own success!

Basically, our servers got overwhelmed by the growth in traffic.
The move to new servers also turned out to be
much more complex and involved than originally anticipated.

We are therefore suspending normal business operations
for approximately 3 days. During this period you won't be able
to log into your JBP/JSS accounts.

It's important to realize that when other high-return programs
run into similar problems, they typically "run with the money"
and the programs disappear.

We're in business for the long haul and determined to keep
serving you for years to come. Many of you have tried for months
or even years to make money online, with limited success.
So an interruption of 3 days shouldn't be a big deal.

During the interruption, new members will still be able to join JBP,
but they won't be able to log into their accounts.

So please continue promoting, using these referral links:

Replace "xxxx" with your JBP username.

Our daily webinars will continue:

Monday: 8 AM JSS TIME (Approxmiately CST)

Tuesday: 8 AM JSS TIME (Approxmiately CST)

Wednesday: 9 PM JSS TIME (Approxmiately CST)

Thursday: 9 PM JSS TIME (Approxmiately CST)

Friday: 8 AM JSS TIME (Approxmiately CST)

Saturday: 8 AM JSS TIME (Approxmiately CST)

Sunday: 9 PM JSS TIME (Approxmiately CST)


As part of the move to new servers we'll do a Restart

Our new JSS-Tripler Restart FAQ
explains how this will work.

All funds available in your accounts before the interruption
will still be available to you when we reopen for business.

Immediately after the interruption, we'll resume paying withdrawals on a daily basis.

When we resume normal business operations in approximately 3 days,
we'll be running on new, bigger, faster offshore servers.

Operating your accounts with us will be a more satisfying experience.

Working for your wealth and success,

Frederick Mann.

The best and safest time to buy JSS-Tripler positions is after a Restart.
Be sure to take advantage of this situation when we reopen for business!

blondie said...

Thanks Rob,
I was checking it and writing while you were mailing :)