Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Tornado Update

Well I got up late today. Got logged in 10 mins before the CWC Tornado started. But I did manage to get a couple of positions purchased and have bought a few more after the initial ones also.

- There was a problem with AP purchases showing up. Well, AP was under a DDOS attack so not CWC's fault for that. I think Larry has entered the missing ones manually so if yours are still missing, send in a support ticket.
- Remember he will do daily payouts (if requested), not sure of what time though.
- Also those who are NOT playing in the Tornado but have referrals in CWC might want to check your Tornado member area. You may have some RC that you can use to purchase a T position once it reaches $15.
- Here's something I didn't understand, until today:
If you purchase in Phase 1 and your position doesn't mature in the first 24 hours, that position will stay in the system and continue to cycle until it is complete. If it never reaches the $22.50 mark during those 3 days, then it will be moved to the main CWC cycler.
- Here's my first position bought:
Position #243 / Cycled: 61 times so far / Earnings: $12.20
- So far so good! ummm what else ...

--- I'll have more time tomorrow to do my usual updates on everything else. And probably throw in some useless chat like I always do, LOL
See you then :) 

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