Sunday, August 28, 2011


--- If you can't get into Bi-24 today, it's because it's under a DDOS attack. Ivan wrote up some details in the blog:
Hope we're back soon :) 

--- CWC: still no word on when the next Tornado will be, but I did notice that CWC is now Approved for AP Credit Card users! Details in their blog as well. 

--- JBP-JSS: supposed to be back up tomorrow after a server move and a re-start feature. Will it be delayed because of the Hurricane in the U.S.? Don't know. Will we like what we see when it comes back? Hope so. lol
*Update: Our "reorganization" is proceeding reasonably well. Among other things, we're creating a new, simpler JBP we call JBP 2.0.
They also mentioned it will take a little longer than the expected three days and "Our chief programmer reports: "I'm working on letting people log in to JBP 2.0 and see their referrals and advertising efforts now -- will be done soon, so I can show you that. When the DNS change gets implemented, hopefully later today [Sunday], more and more members will see the new site."
Hopefully, later today or tomorrow, you'll be able to see some progress for yourself, when the first stage of the new system goes live.

--- Received a healthy Profit Share from GBC this Sunday. Thanks again Gord :)

--- Well, had something else to write about but Hurricane Irene knocked out the power where the server is. So it'll just need to wait a bit now.

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