Thursday, August 4, 2011

Good Thursday Morning

Not true today. 
Just a funny sign that hangs in my kitchen. Sometimes I stress about the small stuff, so my kids bought me this plaque while they were vacationing in Mexico. Yep, that's me. Anyway... 

--- Bi-24 - we now have over 500 members signed up and ready to rumble. There was a small system error realized yesterday that is still being worked on. So as of right now, you cannot re-purchase from account balance. Hope to see that fixed soon since some members are wanting to compound their own earnings, especially now in the beginning of the 'game'.

--- JBP-JSS - still connecting slow but I heard the new server will solve that problem. Actually timed out yesterday in the middle of a cash out request. What?!? Hit the back button, came back to the previous screen, then it did go through. Whew! That was a close call. I don't like having to send in support tickets to anyone for anything. I prefer smooth sailing myself. And of course, I did receive the payment today :) 
PS, one of my referrals referrals bought 100 positions in the Tripler today! Amazing stuff and Thank You! 

--- Do you realize the popular forums for these types of 'money making' programs have thousands of readers? And some of those readers check the forums first to see how things are going before they join and make their first spend.
So when I see members of a program whining and complaining and wondering at the same time "why are we not making money?" Well Duh!!! I wouldn't join a program where everyone is complaining either. Don't these posters realize they're just shooting themselves in the foot?? 
What makes it even harder for me to swallow, is when I know there is a dedicated Admin working behind the scenes to get things back on track. It's like the word "patience" has no meaning to anyone any more. They want it and they want it NOW! Geez. 
Wish those folks would take a chill pill and allow things to fall into place... and it should if you just relax, give it a little time, use some common sense and not try to ruin it for yourself and everyone else in the process.


hemsagar said...

I agree with you blondie.We can be little softer there.

BTW, Don't stress yourself so much.:)

blondie said...

Thanks hemsagar :)
I'm working on it, lol

Doug said...

I love tripler, it's truly a blessing and I'm glad you and everyone else is enjoying it as well :)

momto3 said...

Just this morning my 7 yr old daughter spilled her breakfast drink all over her uniform.

Knowing her she wouldnt want to wear the other uniform because today they're having physical activity and thats the only one I have.

What do I do? After pulling a few strands of my hair, I popped the uniform in the washer. Manipulate it to wash faster (press manually wash, rinse and spin) and voila she got it ready in time for school (I hope - I ask her big brother to help send her to school).

Felt a pain in the chest there for a while. Reminded myself this had to happen (her brother too use to be a clutz like me).

We kissed goodbye (she cried for awhile becos I had to nag) and everything went okay.

Wouldnt appreciate the good things in life if this does not happen what I always say..

All in all if its not for these easy earning sites, I would be more stressed. I checked my Jss tripler and becos I read your blog I know why they're so slow. Its ok everything is running great, what a good pickup from half a hour ago.

blondie said...

So do I Doug.
Thanks for stopping by :)

Hey momto3,
Que Sera Sera!
Glad your day turned out well.


Anonymous said...

Hello blondie, I am 14 ref. in my list, but only 3 of them bought tokens in the CWC. Alertpay is expected to raise in the use of credit cards.
This thing is urgent, many do not come into CWC for this.


okcoral Italy

blondie said...

Yes I understand that okcoral.
AP has been difficult about allowing CWC to offer CC purchase.
It's not the Admins fault and I do know he's been trying to work with them on it.
Thanks for stopping by :)