Saturday, August 6, 2011


No, that's not my kitty. Mine don't use the toilet but I did manage to get my toilet fixed yesterday and it's purring like a kitten, so all is good to go. Get it? Good to "go"? hehe

--- Bi-24: looks like Admin is still working on the "LinkEx" page so that we can use the credits we have for our advertising. As of now, 542 members have joined (slow and steady as another member mentioned) and this afternoon will complete 6 days of 2% passive earnings for me. 
I did request a withdraw yesterday and was paid pomptly. Also I believe Ivan is in the process of applying for AP CC approval & his programmer is still working on getting the 'upgrade from balance' feature live. So there you have it. It's all coming into place :) 
** 5:00 PM MST Update: 
Our text ad exchange LinkEx is LIVE. You can find the link to the Ad Manager in your member's area. Please feel free to go ahead and try it out.
You will hear more about the Account Balance purchasing tomorrow.
We have many things in the works at the moment and not the quickest programmer.
Bi-24 Administration

--- My cat just turned on the radio. He must have stepped on the sleep button while cruising the night stand. Dang it, I don't need that distraction right now.

--- CenturionWealthCircle: in the member area after you log in, starting today you will see the link to their new Blog page. Now being the nosey person that I am, I learned that there will be an Announcement in the blog tomorrow about the new plans that Larry has in store for all of us. Yes it will include making more moola and also help the Main CWC cycler in the process. 

--- JBP-JSS sites are still really sluggish for me. Haven't done much there yet today BUT last night I was trying to decide what to do with the $60 I made from one of my JSS Matrices filling. Well it's only money, so I went ahead and bought 12 placements for my other matrices still in the works. Now hopefully that will speed up the process so we can all cycle out sooner than later.

--- Speaking of Flush... you ever read something from someone and you just want to flush it (and them) down the toilet? I read a couple of things that people wrote about me not long ago and what they said couldn't be further from the truth. I won't tell you what it was or where I saw it, but why would someone who doesn't even know me write derogatory things about me? Ignorance? Arrogance? Maybe just inexperienced. I don't really know but they sure got me pegged wrong. Ahh well, I forgive them. 

(Sorry, that note above was way too serious. 
I'll try to lighten it up with a song now) snort


Norbert's Traffic said...

You did right Judy in forgiven them for this is what Jesus says.

2 Corinthians 2:10

King James Version (KJV)

10.To whom ye forgive any thing, I forgive also: for if I forgave any thing, to whom I forgave it, for your sakes forgave I it in the person of Christ

blondie said...

Thank you for sharing that Norbert :)
It's just hard to deal with at times.
Have a good weekend!

Randy V said...

OK know what a big Beatles fan I am. Where did you find this one? I have never heard this song before.

Hope you are staying cool!!!


blondie said...

Really Randy?
You don't remember it?
From the White Album.
Here ya go:

""Piggies" is a song written by George Harrison of The Beatles. It was included on The Beatles album (also known as The White Album). The song Piggies is the only Beatles song, other than the covered swear in Hey Jude, that has a swear word in it. During the bridge George goes "In their lives ther something lacking what they needs a damn good whacking.""

It just seem to fit my post for today, Especially the part where they "eat their bacon".
Same as "dog eat dog" right??

Have a great night!

Randy V said...

You know...I never did get the White Album so there are songs I missed. I might need to find one somewhere.

Thanks for putting it on here.

You are really good at finding those songs that go with your message.

I really enjoy them.

Have a great week!


blondie said...

OMG Randy, it was one of the best!
Check this out:
Scroll down a little. There's a list of the songs on it.
Don't miss out. I'm sure you can find it on CD anywhere.