Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday All Day Saturday

--- Bi-24: Ivan moved our new splash page link to the TOP of the promotional tools page. I've already grabbed it and have it 'showing' in a few places.
Today is a 'Open for Re-purchase' day. Not sure yet if I'm going to re-purchase or purchase new. It costs the same for the spender but re-purchases don't give RC to your sponsor. So if your upline is a personal friend or family member, that may be something to consider. (and no, I don't mean me.) 

--- CWC and the Tornado: the 3 day Tornado feeder has ended and we will soon see and hear the results once the Admin Larry has time to 'do his thing'. Hey I think it went OK but am anxious to hear the official stats. More on that later :) 

--- JBP-JSS-Tripler: I listened in on their Conference Call today and am still smiling over something that Carl responded to.
Someone in the room asked "Will the Company give us a heads-up before they decide to close down?" Carl chuckled and calmly said "No"... we're not going to tell you that, LOL.
Then he went on to say how he had been in several programs with a lot of money invested, then one day, the site is just "gone" :o
Yep, I hear ya Carl. That's one of the reasons I don't leave too much money sitting in any one program. 
Anyway, he also pointed out that JBP is very strong right now and he couldn't see any reason why it couldn't go on for years!!
-- Now I've been in the Tripler since April 3rd and couldn't be happier. And from the looks of it, so are my referrals and their referrals. Thanks guys :)
- Also the server move should be done in about a week. Phew!

--- Got my payment from GlobalSurfPro today. Thanks Kent! 

--- Hey, have you noticed a new swarm of stupid marketers out there? I'm receiving emails on a daily basis, with a LINK in the subject line, and NOTHING in the body of the message area. What kind of advertising technique is that supposed to be? And where are these jokers coming from anyway? (sigh) Well, I just hit the 'Report Idiot' button and hope they don't come back.

--- Is it just me, or is Gord not mentioning the PIF pool for Grand Bank Club as often as he used to? Well I realized today that it's been awhile since I contributed sooo ... GBC will have a nice surprise when they log in tomorrow. Hey Gord, sent you some love. (giggle) 


Jim van Gompel said...

OK ? Bought at the first day within the first hour and even those positions didnt reach the 50%.

blondie said...

Yes I am aware of all that.
But they did sell 1300 positions which will help the main cycler.
Next time will be different.
Also more ideas in the pipeline.
There's a new blog post in CWC that mentions all of that.
Take care :)

Randy V said...

Love the video Judy.

Hope you are having a great weekend.


blondie said...

Yes Randy,
Thought it was a good one.

Been running errands today and again the hardware store was one of them.
Seems something is always falling apart here, LOL

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Night Night