Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Monday

My brain is having a hard time getting adjusted today. First, I slept too long and now I can't seem to wake up. Then I started reading some stupid posts from people who don't have a clue as to what they're talking about! Yet they feel the need to post negative comments in public. Could be just clowns trying to get attention to themselves, lol 
Tell ya what, if they're working to get referrals to the programs they're promoting, I sure as hell wouldn't join under someone like that. Would you? 

--- OK, shaking it off and moving on to Bi-24: Thank you to Ivan for filling us in on a few new changes coming and they are: 
- More advertising credits (2000) when we purchase our AdUnit. 
- A solution coming soon about the 're-purchasing from balance'. 
- Documents for AP CC approval have been sent in and AP says it will take 1-4 days for their answer. 
- The LinkEx will be modified soon so that you will be able to post your 468x60 banners also. 
- Admin is traveling tomorrow from Spain back home to the Netherlands. He'll be checking in, but not a lot. So Wednesday is the day we should see him around much more often. 
Have a safe trip Ivan and looking forward to this week for sure! 

--- Centurion Wealth Circle: I'm really impressed with the addition of the blog on the site itself and what has been written there so far. Larry and Tirey (co-admin) have a vision and for those who can muster up a little patience and see it though, I think we'll all be really happy with the results. 
Now don't feel obligated to 'play' in the upcoming feeder if you're not comfortable with it. I will be playing in it myself as I know that it will help the main CWC cycler. 

--- BRB, I have $10 that I need to do something with. Story to follow later. I just wrote to someone, a stranger as a matter of fact about the $10. Makes no sense to you, but if she agrees, I'll share the story then. K 

--- JBP-JSS: some people are having a really hard time getting into the JBP sites lately. Now I understand they're moving their server to a bigger and better one which will solve the problem once it's done. Seems certain times of the day are the worst for me. So until we're back up to snuff, I have found that early morning or late evening works the best. Still sluggish and still times out, but I have been able to get my stuff done there. Good Luck!

Here's more from today's update in case you didn't read it: 
We've started the process of moving to new offshore servers. Part of the move will be to create a simpler JBP. It may take about a month before we're fully operational on the new servers.

After tomorrow's RQP, JSS-Warp and JSS-Booster will be suspended, at least until after the server move. JSS-Warp and JSS-Booster launches tend to overload our current server, making it difficult for members to fund their JSS accounts and buy JSS-Tripler positions.

--- What? Did you say something? 
All day my head has been fuzzy, like I'm still sleeping. Now I've been taught that this life is only a dream. Well, it probably is and he was probably right. You ever just sit back, look around & wonder? 
"Everybody seems to think I'm lazy. 
I don't mind, I think they're crazy.
Running everywhere at such a speed. 
Till they find there's no need." 


debbie said...

Judy, do you have any idea how much we should have in our Alertpay for the feeder for CWC?

blondie said...

I do I do. Or at least I think do.
Pretty sure $15 per is what it'll be. Not sure about the add'l fees though. Might want to keep $17 handy just in case.