Monday, August 15, 2011

Where's The Banner?

--- Bi-24: expecting a surprise from Ivan maybe later today.
Hint: it's something to help with your marketing efforts if you promote. 
As for me, I'm happy with the 2% daily earnings which I've been receiving all month, plus that 7% RC is nothing to sneeze at. Thanks guys :) 

--- CWC: getting ready for the first 'Tornado' to hit on Wednesday and wanting to post a Banner for it here but "where's the banner?" Well, Larry tells me he should have one ready sometime today in our Affiliate area. Looking forward to promoting this one a little on the surf sites, TE's etc.
Just so you know, all profit made from the Tornado goes into the main CWC cycler and none of it in the admin's pocket.
Here we go: 

Unfortunately the banner file size is too large to use in the Traffic Exchange sites. So I've sent Larry a note and I hope it'll be fixed tomorrow.

   --- DON'T open any email attachments or videos with a Man dressed as a Giant Carrot. I kid you not. It's a Virus!! Geez :( 

--- JBP-JSS: nothing new to report other than the server move is still taking place and the earnings continue and payouts are still fast. What more could you ask for? Their latest news:
Good news! Our "withdrawal cycle" reverts to 24 hours, withdrawals being paid every evening, starting tonight.
Work on our server move is progressing. Meanwhile our current server is still performing reasonably well.
JSS-Tripler membership is now 17,842, growing by about 200 new members a day. Purchases of new positions continue at high levels.

--- Feeling really lazy today. Maybe cause I neglected my blog for the last two days? Well except for Olivia's picture and song, but you know what I mean. Almost like taking the weekend off from work and coming back to the dreaded Monday. 



Norbert's Traffic said...

Hi Judy,

I like seeing the pictures of your baby!

blondie said...

Thanks Norbert,
My grand baby that is.
TG she doesn't look like me, LOL

danish said...

You are right on that point Judy....her hair is not nearly as long as yours,

blondie said...

Well Dave,
I guess if she grows it till she's 8, it could be. LOL