Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Tornado Tomorrow

--- The first Centurion storm is coming!! 
and here is the News just sent out to all members:

Dear blondie

Wednesday at 9am CST (3pm GMT) the Centurion Tornado Profit System will spark into life!! This is a great LIMITED 3 day Cycler that pays from 150% to 300% on matured positions. DON'T MISS OUT!

How it works;

Premium Members purchase 2 'Tornado' Product Tokens for just $15 (+ Alertpay fees). This earns 1 position in the Tornado Profit System.
Every sale results in a position into the Tornado Profit System (TPS).
  • Phase 1. All positions entered within the first 24 hours are set to mature to 150% - $22.50
  • Phase 2. All positions entered within the next 24 hours are set to mature to 200% - $30.00
  • Phase 3. All positions entered with the final 24 hours are set to mature to 300% - $45.00
Every new entry will cycle the Tornado @ 45 positions paying .20c each per sale. REMEMBER: 100% of all profit is ploughed right back into the main Profit Sharing System.
After 72 hours the Tornado cycler will stop and be emptied. All unmatured positions will be placed into the main cycler where main cycler rules apply - so no one loses!! All balances outstanding will be moved into your main account.
The Tornado arrives on Wednesday 9am (CST). It will cycle EVERY 5 MINUTES for 24 hours at a time before moving to the next phase.


Will I lose my money? - NO. After the Tornado stops all un-matured positions are moved to the main cycler to await full maturity there!
What are the risks? - None - Although we expect many positions to fully mature very quickly, there is always a risk that other positions may not mature before the Tornado Cycling stops. If that happens those positions will migrate to the main cycler!
Can FREE Members join in the Tornado? - NO - Free Members must upgrade by purchasing at least 1 Product Token.
Can I withdraw anytime? Yes. The minimum withdrawal is $20 and you can 'cash out' at any point!
How often does the Tornado run? - The Tornado runs periodically but is not 100% predictable. Keep watching out for the Tornado Warnings on this page!

To the $uccess of all our members!
Larry Harper
Master Admin of CenturionWealthCircle.com

--- OK, back to me.
- Note that if you're going to play you DO need to be a paid member in the main CWC program.
- Admin will do daily payouts (not instant).
- Paid CWC members who have referrals who play in the Tornado will earn RC but won't be able to cash out until the Tornado is done. OR you can use it to purchase Tornado positions during the storm. (I hope I said that right). 
- Yes I am playing :)


Norbert's Traffic said...

Hello Judy, I just bought 2 tokens on the TORNADO I guess it doesn't show up right a-way.

Your friend

ps My grand baby that is. I know it's your grand baby.
See has a nice smile, must take after YOU!

blondie said...

No, takes a few minutes to show up in the Tornado. Thanks :)

Actually my grand daughter looks a lot like her Mom. She got all the best parts from both her parents.