Friday, August 19, 2011

A Big Favor?

If you're a facebook user, I'd like to ask a favor for a friend of ours. Ivan posted the below in the Bi-24 Blog page today and I offered to help his friend get votes as well. Just click the link, sign in and vote "I Like". Thanks :)

Show support for Green Rush Innovations
I would like to kindly ask any facebook users to show support to 
Green Rush Innovations, a recently opened company, operated by 
close friend of ours. Simply click the "I Like" button on their 
facebook page:

Exert from the page:
"GRI is focused towards heading our species into the 21rst century 
with new goals, ideals, and innovations in an attempt to better our 
planet, our existence, and our dependence on non-sustainable 
practices, while financially benefiting the customer. Our vision is 
synonymous with our company culture, to lead to a new age of 
sustainable existence through responsible practices, socially aware 
ambitions, and with a green corporate initiative. We believe the 
only way to ensure our future is to act in a manner that is future 
oriented. Sponsoring and aiding in creating a pathway to the future 
that everyone can utilize and afford."

Your support is appreciated by Green Rush Innovations.

Have a great day,
Bi-24 Administration and Green Rush Innovations LLC


Everything else is going great.
Not sure I have anything new to update about.

--- Bi-24: am going to do a re-purchase and cash out tomorrow.
I think our new Splash Page should be ready, but maybe not. Trying to check with Ivan now.
OK it's Ready!!! Login, click on Referral Center, it's in the Promotional Tools link. Scroll to the bottom of that page, and you will see Splash Page "Preview". Click on that, copy the URL and you're good to go. YaY!

--- CWC and the Tornado: on it's last day of the "storm" and I don't think we got the member support that we were hoping to get. I'm satisfied with it but you know there's always someone who isn't, so that makes me think. I do know Larry has been watching the stats and will do next weeks Tornado differently.
Try Try till you get it right. Right?
Bottom line is: it will help with the cycling of the main PSS Tokens after it's all said and done. Update coming from Admin soon am sure :) 

--- JBP-JSS: still slow logging in and doing things. I have been able to get my stuff done with several tries, but that server move will be a blessing to all.

--- GrandBankClub: no surfing over the weekend and looking forward to Sunday's profit share run.

--- GlobalSurfPro: completed another 40 days and requested cash out. Also purchased a new (but smaller) Ad Pack for another go around. Will Kent keep this running even though he's busy with his new site? Hope so but only time will tell.

I feel like I got run over by a Mack Truck today. Well, I did have a glass of wine yesterday (or maybe more than one), so I suppose that could be part of my problem. lol
However, got pizza in the fridge for a nice easy dinner tonight.

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