Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cooking Up a Storm

I should write something here today, but I don't feel like being serious.  A reader of mine TeeJay has offered to make me some breakfast while I work (lol)

--- Bi-24: Mix together and stir slowly: 2% Daily. 7% RC. 782 Members. First month anniversary this Wed. Great Admin. Fast payouts. No silly rules. Bingo! Breakfast is served! 

--- CWC: When is the next Tornado Larry? I'm ready when you're ready. Maybe we should start naming them? Like they do the Hurricanes?
Giving more thought to the program today, I do know Admin has been working away at some new ideas and plans to help us all. Can't wait to hear the details on that. 

--- Speaking of Hurricanes, Irene is working her way up the East Coast as we speak. Hope everyone listened to the warnings and will either batten down the hatches or get out of Dodge. Now be careful and stay safe ;)

--- JBP-JSS: actually sat through the entire hour of listening to Carl on the conference call. He kind of grows on ya after awhile, lol. Anyway he was very supportive as always and answered as much as he could.
The server move will be done soon and we should be back online Monday. Of course the re-start will change things quite a bit. I'm not going to speculate on anything and will wait patiently for some updates from Frederick since he's the only one who knows what the real deal is.
Carl believes that on Monday, most will be happy. There will be better instructions that will simplify how to 'work' your JSS positions to cycle them faster (phew). The new member signup and upgrade are still open during this process. But once you're "registered" and paid, you really can't go any further until after they re-open. So we wait.

--- Ohhhh almost forgot... Received a $25 payment from GBC's own Gord today for a partial payout on one of my many K-Game boards! Thanks Gord!  

Olivia Rae, what do you think of all this stuff today? YaY!!!
(yeah, those are her mommy's socks on her arms)

And what are you and Jake looking at in the backyard?
You look shocked!

Oh I see. Your Daddy was setting up for the BBQ while Mommy wasn't around. Boy will she be surprised. lol

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