Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Aloha Friday!

WOW! yahoo.gif Look what I got last night ...

"Congratulations Blondie!
Congratulations, you have earned a commission at 10DollarsWonder!
Your direct referral xxxxx has spent $ 100.00 and
you have received a direct commission of $ 10.00!
Great job and thank you!"

I love my referrals !!!

Hey everyone just a reminder that TODAY is the last day to activate 10 older positions with each $10 purchase. Starting tomorrow, 1 new or re-purchase will only activate 5. ok?

I hope you are enjoying all those 'pesky' email notices saying that you've CYCLED! I received 178 of them since this time yesterday. WHOO HOOOOO !!!
And Yes, All of my positions are Active!


You know what really stinks?
Making a Sale but not getting the referral commission.
Why didn't you get it? you may ask.
Well, seems the buyer saw the program somewhere else first and clicked on it. Then deciding to Buy (hopefully from my sales letter), clicked on my link, bought it, but I didn't get credit. Why not? "Cookies".
Now I normally enjoy cookies, the edible kind, but in this case I'm not so happy about them. So I lost a Sale because the Buyer didn't Clear her Cookies before buying. What a bummer that was :( So just beware of that.


Supposed to Snow in our mountains tonight through Sunday. They are expecting an average of 1-3 Feet with some areas getting up to 4 Feet. Holy Cow! The skiers should really enjoy that! As for me? I'll stay down here where it's a little warmer :)

More later

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Quick Cash Released Today

Good Morning,

Don't forget the QuickCash e-book will be released TODAY at 12:00 PM (noon) EST. It will show you Five Ways to Make Quick Cash! (and I've heard it's very good from a friend/blogger who got a 'sneak peek' of it).

Did you get your FREE Report yet or watch the Video? Go to the site and do that now. I could sure use some Quick Cash for the Holidays. How about you?


WOW!!! Just checked my other email account and I had 220 NEW Emails from 10DollarsWonder telling me that I have cycled! Whoo Hooo! And they were NOT all for a dime. Some were referral commissions for $1, $5 & $7. Good to see that others have realized the value of the new system and buying 5 or 7 positions at one time. You guys rock!!


Looks like something similar at e2ePay will be launched on Dec. 12th. Here's what's on the site:
"News update 11/28/07 - Major improvement on 12/12/07
The exciting major improvement will start on Wednesday 12/12/07 5:00pm EST USA."

I did very very well the first time this program launched with it's "advertising" offer. Pretty sure I'll do well again. History repeats itself, right?
If you're not a member already, go ahead and join for free and you'll be reminded of the launch. Or you can come back here and I'll remind you :))


SandellandPartners, the horse lay betting site has yet another new website. Jimmy sure had problems with the old one so let's hope he has finally found the right mix.
If you're a member already, go ahead and sign up again with the SAME username and password that you originally used.
If you're NOT a member yet, I would hold off a couple of days and/or check back HERE to see when it's safe to join. I think he'll be busy transferring all current member funds before he starts accepting new members. ok? cool!


Need to go check a few other programs. brb

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cycler Junkies

For you cycler junkies out there ...
besides 10dollarswonder doing great since it launched the new promo on 11/23, I do believe the old e2ePay will follow in it's footsteps shortly. From what I can figure out, the cycles will be paying .50 cents as opposed to 10dw's .10 cents.
The site says it's launching tomorrow, so I have written to Admin. to see if it's still on schedule and will let you know. It also takes e-gold and AlertPay.


Finally finished reading the
e-book that I received from GoogleAssassin. phew. Now I need to put the information to work for me. Wish me luck!


Project QuickCash is being released on Thursday, 12 Noon EST. That's the new e-book that will reveal to you Five Ways to Make Quick Cash. It will benefit you faster if you're already familiar with AdWords (you can create an account at to make some quick cash for the holidays.


Having spaghetti tonight with salad and garlic toast. Sounds good, doesn't it?
And my cat is still staring at the spaces beside the dishwasher waiting for the little mouse to come out. I haven't been able to catch him and I have one of those nice mouse traps that doesn't kill them, just catches them. I set it with some left-over turkey, but he grabbed it and ran. I just hope that I catch him before the cat does.


Monday, November 26, 2007

still studying and ...

I just signed up for the Free Report for Project Quick Cash. Their official launch is set for Thursday at 12 PM (noon) EST. Sounds interesting and thought you might like to take a peek as well.

Also, here's a note written from the developer of QuickCash (the system that will show you five ways to make Quick Cash) to a friend of mine. Oh and if you have seen the pages already, I urge you to visit them again
as the Author has now placed a very interesting video there. He talks about it in the note below.

"A quick update on my latest project - yes, the same project that I
know will give the common man the power to earn hefty profits online..

We're still 3 days away from launch, but right now I have assembled
an eye opening video for you to watch:

Click to watch =>

I guarantee that this video will change your perception towards
Internet Martketing
. You will get to see proofs of income I have made using some quick, very easy and zero/low cost techniques known to very few people..

One of the techniques took me just 2 hours and $30 to implement. Yet I earned a whopping $13,150 from it.. It's mind blowing.

You must hurry and watch the video now.. I am going to take it down pretty soon..

To your success,



I have some news about the GoogleAssassin program. I stole this from my friend js's blog page since I did not receive this note in any form. So ...

"At 11 AM EST today Chris of Google/DJKassassin announced that the price of the package will go up within 24 hours of the announcement. To lock in the current price you ought to
buy it now, rather than wait. But you know? If you do wait, and buy it later, I’ll just make more money!"

So yes, you'll make more money if you can sell it for more money. So he's got a point but if you want to get it now, at a lower rate, then get it now. And it does come with a money back guarantee.


Still making lots and lots of dimes over at 10dollarswonder :)


Ok, back to reading and studying.
I should be back in full swing tomorrow.
(guess I'm a slow learner, (no wise-cracks))


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Let's start with: Alive Worldwide Inc.

Received a postcard in the mail from Alive Worldwide Inc. and thought I should share it with you. If you are an affiliate of Alive WW and do not live in the United States, chances are the postcard would have been delivered to the address you used in your profile. Here are the contents:


We are Re-Launching our Business Opportunity in December
with an amazing new business concept that is going to rev up
the way you get paid! This new concept is going to make
it possible for some people to make $1,000, $2,000 or even
$5,000 in 30 days!
This is your OFFICIAL and ONLY notice that we are beginning this
Re-Launch. What this means is that if you ARE interested you will
need to show it by having a minimum of a 25BV order in the
month of November. If you do not have 25BV in November
we will assume you are not interested in doing business with our
company. Therefore we will assign personal sponsorship of the
people you introduced to our company that DID have 25BV
to a new sponsor, and cancel your membership effective
December 1st, 2007.
If you would like to learn more about the fantastic new going
on's to go, or call 877-377-0027
to secure your place in this fantastic opportunity!"

Comments are welcome :)


Nice to see another 57 emails from 10DollarsWonder last night telling me that I've cycled. Never get tired of seeing those :) So once again I've repurchased with my earnings and now almost ALL of my older positions are Active in the new system. Looks like the new idea has caught on.
Nice job Admin!


Reading an e-book today so that I have a better understanding of What to Do and How to Do It in DJK/GoogleAssassin. The faster I learn, the faster I earn. haha! (can't believe I just said that) Anyway I like the book, it's easy to read and comprehend And it came FREE with the GoogleAssassin package.


Can you believe it's Nov 25th Already? Where did the year go? And only 30 days till Christmas. Are YOU ready? I'm no where close :(



Saturday, November 24, 2007

less than 24 hours ...

10DollarsWonder new and improved system has been running for less than 24 hours. During that time, I have received damn near 300 emails saying that I have cycled. (so be sure to use an account that can handle a LOT of emails.)
So, what does that mean?
That means even though cycles are now worth .10 cents (as opposed to the old $1 commissions), more and more members are cycling so, more and more members are purchasing and/or re-purchasing so, more and more members are earning.
Yes they are!
Well, I'm about in the gravy now and thinking it's time to "activate" another 10 old positions by buying 1 new one. That will give me 11 more places for those .10 cents to drop into. Sounds like a plan :)


That's all for now. I have to run out for a bit.
Will be back later with hopefully more updates.


Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

That's what today is called, Black Friday. A huge shopping day where merchants give some of their best bargains of the year and hope to get "into the black". Some of our stores here opened at 4:00 AM. I couldn't believe the number of people waiting in lines to get in when they opened. Not me. That's just too much effort for a sale price. I'd rather stay home where it's nice and warm and do my shopping online :)


I was able to get a glimpse of the new script at 10dollarswonder. I'm not in total agreement with how it was all worded, but I am able to see how many more folks will cycle now as opposed to before. Looking forward to a great launch!
(psss, if you try to purchase or re-purchase early, you might just be able to :)

The 10dollarswonder new promotion will start TODAY! The purchase and repurchase options are disabled until the new script can be put into place. He says the launch will be at 6:00 PM EST, but the countdown clock is showing 8:00 PM EST, so I'm not really sure on the time. I don't know any 'detail' on what the new promotion really is, but I'll be sure to come back here and post whatever I can find out. So check back later.


Have you noticed DailyFreeLoans isn't showing their "paid" members any longer? Probably cause it's still stuck at 60 and it's embarrassing for them. bummer


Michael Badger's program is still growing. Not sure how many 'founding' members he's going to accept before closing that part of the opportunity. I hope you've already joined. If not, think again.
I believe he has every intention to run a good lasting service, and if you can afford the $27 upgrade ... go for it! Should pay off in the long run.


So I should get to work now. It's very gray and overcast outside. Almost looks like a black and white picture rather than color.
That's ok. I need to get cracking on my Google Assassin program. Anxious to see how it really works and how I can make all that money they talk about :)


Will have a piece of Pumpkin Pie and Cool Whip for breakfast. Had no room in my tummy for it last night. That should get me moving, eh?


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to All My Family and Friends, here on earth and in heaven!

I won't have much time to do any work here today, so if you send me a note I will get back to you tomorrow. Expecting my small but important family for dinner today. And of course, I'm sure that will include Lou Dog :)

Heard through the grapevine that there are still a few positions left at DJKassassin/Google Assassin. I had a little time to check out a few things in the back office yesterday and I must say I was quite impressed. Can't wait to actually get started working it on Friday. And it was all easy to understand, even for me :) So you don't need to be an expert affiliate marketer to do this. Anybody can do this, I'm sure. See my previous posts for more information. ok? ok.

So you all have a Great Thanksgiving Day!

I need to get cooking :)


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

more on Google Assassin ...

3:00 PM Update:
Looks like sales of the Google Assassin went through the roof yesterday. I want to point out to you that Chris is making a special offer to those who sign up before Friday. You can read more about it on the sign-up page. The Headline Reads:

"And lastly,....$169,551?
There's a first time for everything...

"The best business in the world,... exposed by the only guy who went from your situation to $169k in a day... in under a year.

For the first. And only. Time.

This event begins this Friday, 23rd November, and runs until Sunday. Three days of me breaking down how you can clone the second element of my super profitable business... and catch a glimpse of the engine that generated $169,551 for me in under 24 hours.

And, if you don't join before Friday, when that first course goes live, you are locked out for life. I cannot stress how finite this opportunity is.

This course will never be resold, rehashed or released in any form again. If you were on the fence before, consider yourself warned: you must make a decision now."

As for me? I think this is going to be what I've been waiting for. Been hunting and pecking for a long time now, and I got a real good feeling about this!



Good Morning,
Just read the following in another blog page about Google Assassin. I did buy the package yesterday and cannot tell you if it's sold out or not.
Today, after I do some last minute shopping for Thanksgiving tomorrow, I will be learning how to use the software in the package to start making some money! (although I'm sure I have to do a lot of reading first :) Here's what I read and I'm really excited to get started:

Ha! Looks like Shawn Casey has also entered into the frey! But too late I think. Here is Shawn’s post:

My friend Chris is one of the top selling affiliates
in the history of Clickbank. To prove it, he recently
released a video showing his $1,670,000 account.

While that proves he's really smart and very successful,
that does not put a dime in your pocket. Go ahead and
admit it - that's what YOU really care about. (Me, too.)

But what is going to virtually force you to jam wads of
cash into your pockets is the outrageous software he just
released today called "Google Assassin".

The stage is now formally set for an industry takeover, but
before I give you the proof you have been clambering for, I
want to answer the top questions about this...

Q: What is Google Assassin?
A: Google Assassin
is the answer to the question over 100,000
ClickBank affiliates have asked: "why can't I rake in cash in
2007?" With over $40,000 worth of Google espionage software,
step-by-step training material, and the chance to COMPLETELY
automate every step in your ClickBank business, its about to get
ugly for the competition. It took six months to develop,
another month to PROVE it works on average affiliates.

Q: Why "Google Assassin"?
A: It's the most apt name we could think of.
The core focus of
the system is on Google, whether its search engine traffic or

And the "assassin" part comes in because, quite frankly, you are
going to succeed NOT by being smart, or having any special
talents... you are going to succeed because you will be using
software that siphons cash from the "internet rich list". It's
subversive, brutal...and highly controversial. Enjoy.

Remember also, that this comes under the hallowed "Day Job
Killer" brand.

And there's a reason for that too - this guide, this movement is
NOT about you buying into "a billion dollar formula". It's about
real-life *day job* income. It's aimed squarely at the people
who deserve it most - so they can have their first $1,000 week,
receive their first $500 check... get that first ClickBank
sale. It's about replacing your day job, your boss and your
debts with an automated, stress-free future. The millions can
come down the line.

Q: What's inside the package?
A: Google Assassin
effectively automates all the techniques that
were inside Chris's Day Job Killer, Affiliate Project X and
Adwords Miracle guides that have sold over 10,000 copies.

I hope that point just hit you like a sledge-hammer to the face.

If not, riddle me this...

If you take all the ruthless, "power play" methods which I
swiped from the cash-rich renegades and outcasts, and completely
automate them with custom software, what do you think would be
the outcome?

Complete devastation for everyone outside my inner circle?

You're completely right.

Specifically, the Assassin package includes: Campaigner software
that automatically creates your websites and ClickBank campaigns,
advanced keyword software that arranges keywords by a
"profitability score", BEFORE you even run your campaign,...
software that allows you to pay less than 1 cents per click on
Adwords,... a database that rates over 10,000 ClickBank products
DAILY, ... wicked "campaign kidnap" software (which does exactly
what you would imagine), ... an advanced "Article Sniper"
tool... and that's about half of what's in the pack.


You should be.

After all, you are only a few minutes from automated wealth...

Yup... this is going to leave a mark that won't fade away
any time soon. Go there now."

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Google Assassin

Without re-writing the book, I'm going to use my good friend js's words here to tell you about a program I just joined. OK? And from the looks of it, everybody and their brother and flocking in so don't give it too much thought or you may miss out. Here goes:

  • The Google Assassin package will go on sale at 3 PM EST today. LAUNCHED!

    I feel and think that this one will be a good one for those of you who would like to earn a steady income (small or large) by being an Affiliate. Sure it will take some work, but far less than if you had to do it yourself, without the benefit of all the tools that are included in this package. Let’s just hope the price is not astronomical. Update: and it’s not! Very good news. Use the below link.

    Here is the link: Google Assassin and you can go there now and view the page, but no details (but you can view the video) until 3 PM EST. At that time you will be able to use the same link and that will take you to the details page and signup.

    Chris will unveil his latest product where he gives away all the tricks/techniques/tools/softwares that he personally uses to make a 7 figure income online.

    Am getting the following email multiple times from marketers. So it has begun. Please use my link: Google Assassin

    Here is what they are saying:

    I wanted to let you know the second the doors opened, as there is
    only 1000 places being made available. And all i can say is;

    "Let The Assassination Begin!"

    Finally after 18 months in the making the Day Job Killer returns,
    this time ready to shoot down the all conquering Google empire with
    the aim to match the 28 millionaires The Day Job Killer produced in
    just under 6 months.

    Today, November 20th at 3PM EST the Google Assassin will arrive,
    with the most powerful automated business opportunity EVER
    released. This is not just a crude eBook or audio coaching, The
    Google Assassin software is the exact replica of the $1.67 million
    weapon the Day Job Killer uses to hit Google hard every day for
    thousands of dollars!

    Tens of thousands has been spent on development to produced The
    Google Assassin ready to transform the next 28+ average Joes into
    millionaires, and you are one of a lucky few with an exclusive

    Membership is strictly invite only, and yet again I have managed to
    secure some exclusive invites for my VIP members to the most long
    awaited launch ever known.

    (Baloney! Just use the link up above and you don't need an invite.)

    js: Apparently there will be only 1000 positions sold. And the price will go up, maybe even later on today.

    Finally, not to worry, Chris does have a money back guarantee! And you can cancel at any time! Within a month you should be making more than enough to cover the membership fee. It’s low. And within a month you should be making some nice bucks."
Ok, back to me :)
I've heard that they are almost sold out already but don't really know how many copies they plan on selling so ... if you're interested, they DO have a money back guarantee so, what the heck eh?

More later,

Friday, November 16, 2007

Me and You and a Dog Named Lou

So here she is. The infamous Lou Dog ... sleeping like a baby after keeping me up all night. Her "mama" told me I should kick her, wake her up and force her to stay up until bedtime. Can I do that?

Lou says: "Hey! You'd be up all night too if you saw this striped Alien at the back door. Was a bit shocking for a middle class suburban hound like myself."

Well Lou, if you can't control your 'gas' problem at night, I might just have to put you outside with the other 'stinky' critters. Seriously, I have never heard a dog 'break wind' as often as Louis. Too funny!

Boo Lou - you say po-tA-toe, I say po-tah-toe

Ok, onto business ...


Have made quite a few indirect referral commissions in 10DollarsWonder this week. Can't wait till he starts the new promotion on the 20th.


BusinessProfitPro's ROI is coming back nicely. Seems they're going to recover from their previous down time due to ddos attacks. I have had no trouble getting into the site and setting my daily business level where I want it. Looks like they're still picking up a lot of new members too! Always a good sign.


That's it for now.
I'll be back later if something exciting happens.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Good Morning it's Thursday

Didn't get much sleep last night. I'm pet-sitting Louis the dog for the weekend and she had a hard time settling down. She finally found a good spot laying next to me. Me and a 60 pound boxer dog on a couch was not very comfortable. So I'm here early, but may need to nap later on.


*UPDATE: Just got paid from Michael Badger to my PayPal account. WhooHoo!

Got an email from Michael Badger reminding us that TODAY is the first Pay Day for those who have earned referral commissions at (like I was going to forget, haha) To the best of my knowledge, there are still pre-launch positions available, for Free, that will generate income later. Remember though, if you DO accept his $27 offer after joining, you can earn more than the free members once the service is launched. Details are on the site.


SandellandPartners (the horse lay betting club) are still in the process of moving our funds from the old site to the new site. Jimmy says it's 70% done. I've almost doubled my money there and it's only been 30 days. Looking forward to the next 30 for sure. If you'd like to join and look around, please use this link.


10DollarsWonder sent me a note that their new promotion will launch on Nov. 20th. Will he extend it again? Don't know. Here's a bit of what was said:
In contrast to our current cycle ratio, the new improvement will be 700 times faster! That's right! 700 times! No joke! No HYIP!"
The entire Update can be read in the member area of the site. I see he's going to add a support ticket system also. Good Idea. Looking forward to next week.


I have one more thing to post but not sure how to do it yet. Will put it at the top when I come back so that you don't miss it. Cool.


ps, thanks Myrna for joining yesterday :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Spammers? Here?

You know, when I started this blog it never occurred to me that I would get spammed here, in the comments section no less :( Some jackass put an Ad for Michael Badgers program in the comments of MY Blog. C'mon Pal! You and I are both promoting the program. Surely you realize putting your ad with your link in my blog is a stupid move, right?

Well, I didn't want to "moderate" comments. I assumed everyone that posted a comment would be asking a question or stopping by to say hi. Guess not.

So I'm sorry to my friends. Your comments may not show immediately, now that I have to "approve" or "delete" them. What a shame eh?


Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday already?

Well I never did come back yesterday. Ended up being a long lazy day. I suppose that's good for us, once in awhile. So I should get my butt in gear today!


There's something fishy going on at DailyFreeLoans. Just got wind of an email that I didn't like. If you are able to make a withdrawal, you might want to do that. If not, I guess we'll just have to wait it out to see if this scare is real or not. More info at 9planetreviews


SandellandPartners new site is coming around little by little. (that's the horse lay betting site.) I'm not sure if he's giving referral commissions, but that's ok. Being able to compound my earnings has proved to be a real nice way to make a buck.

When I joined, it was 2% daily for 90 days. But it looks like he's changed that to 2% Daily for 60 Days with Principal Returned! wow Spend amount starts at $10 and as of right now you can purchase through Liberty Reserve or E-Bullion. I think he might be adding more later.

He has updated our earnings with 16 days of interest (interest was invisible while the site was being 'moved'). Looks nice from where I sit :)

Since I'm not 100% sure on the referral part of it, if you DO want to join, please use this link, and then replace my info with yours. OK? Thanks!


3HourProfits has proved to be a very valuable tool for me. When I joined, I took a couple of nice quiet hours to read all the information and was able to immediately put it to work. Within the next hour, I started accumulating referrals to another program that I am in. I Was Shocked! (and very happy of course :)

What you learn in 3hourprofits can be used for ANY program or business that you work. You don't have to promote 3hp. But if you do, and make a sale, they pay a nice commission as well. So it's entirely up to you what you do with your knowledge. OK?


It's chilly here today. And drizzling rain. And cloudy. Kind of nice actually. I should get out and fertilize my lawn ... before it snows, right?


ps, thanks for the Reiki last night js. I feel much better today.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday should be a day of rest but ...

for some strange reason, I don't feel like resting.

Got a new PAID Referral in, so I guess that got me a little pumped. So Thanks to Paul S, whoever you are, for making my day :)

Michael Badger's program is still in pre-launch. If you read to the bottom of the page (from the link above), I hope you can see what I'm seeing. Only the pre-launch members will enjoy benefits that won't be available once the new service opens to the public.

Seriously, out of all the programs I'm currently working, this one has earned my highest level of confidence at this point.


more in a bit ... maybe ... later ... ok
maybe not ... we'll see


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday ... all day

Hi there :)

10DollarsWonder just keeps going and going! Launched last year, the day after Christmas I believe, I am still getting those indirect referral commission's added to my pay day. Don't think I'll repurchase quite yet. I'm going to wait and see what Admin is planning for the 14th of this month. If you're a member, keep an eye open for an important email from him.


Looks like DailyFreeLoans has a plan to get more members and especially more paying members into their program. They are asking those of us who have the time to do some free advertising through T2000ultra. ok. I'm sure willing to help others (and myself :) so let's see if this works (even though it sounds like the admin is fishing). If you are a member and you didn't get the email from them, let me know and I'll forward it to you.


BusinessProfitPro is moving along just fine. Their daily ROI hasn't been maxed lately, but that could be due to folks being skeptical because of their downtime. I think it'll come back now ... both the confidence level and the daily ROI.


SandellandPartners will be updating our stats this Monday or Tuesday. The poor Admin has had all sorts of personal problems and needed to put the program on the 'back burner'. I'll be anxious to see my earnings when it's all caught up. If you're thinking of joining, you might want to wait till next week to be sure your purchase will show correctly.

NOTE: Jimmy is moving all info to a new site so my link isn't working. As soon as I have a new one, I'll update here, there, and everywhere :)


If you haven't joined yet I think you should. It's a very small fee to "upgrade" which I feel will pay itself back many times over in future months. I really have a LOT of confidence in this one! and he takes PayPal :)


Am I ever sleepy today. My grand baby Louis (the boxer dog) visited last night and she wasn't picked up until midnight. Well I had already fallen asleep on the couch so I just stayed there for the night. Then remembering that I forgot to make the morning coffee, I got up at 4:30 to do that. Yawwwwwwn! I need a nap. Then I need to clean all the fuzz out of the carpet from the stuffed toy that she decided to destroy. Ahhh Puppies. You gotta love em!

I'm going to Win either the Colorado Lottery or the PowerBall jackpot tonight. I feel it. Do you feel it? I feel some good karma coming my way ;)


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What's new?

Hi there :)

BusinessProfitPro will re-launch in a couple of hours! Seems they found the right hosting service and ddos protection and are ready for anything! I'm ready too!!


MichaelBadger is doing a contest in November with a Cash Prize for top referrers of PAID members. (and you know, it's only $27 if you take his first offer ... $37 if you decide later on.) Here's a little bit of what he wrote:

It's a simple sales contest. I will award cash prizes to the 5 affiliates who generate the most sales in the month of November.

Please note that this is for SALES, not simply referrals. When your referrals buy the Easy Organizer Plus package, then they will count for you in the contest.

Prizes will be as follows:

Top Seller: $150
Second Seller: $100
Third-Fifth Seller: $50 each

Of course, you will still earn your referral commissions for each sale as well, so the prize will just be a nice bonus.

The contest will run through November 30, midnight, Eastern time."


10dollarswonder Admin has something up his sleeve too. Was just there doing a withdrawal and noticed the announcement on the member home page. Part of it reads:

A very exciting major improvement is coming soon on 11/14/07. In contrast to our current cycle ratio, the new improvement will be 700 times faster! That's right! 700 times! No joke! No HYIP! "

Can't wait to see what that is :))


Been sneezing a lot lately and not sure why. Is there something in the air? It's not Springtime here, so it can't be love, haha.


Anyone having trouble leaving me a comment? I've changed the criteria for that area and not sure if it's affecting you guys or not. Let me know.



Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuesday - Giddy Up Horsie

Good Morning :)

Received a note from Jimmy last night about his Horse Lay Betting program. Says he will be updating our income stats today. Whoo Hoo! I will be getting 10 days of compounded earnings in one nice lump! So it sounds like things will be "Back on Track" soon.

Here's what I wrote on October 20th when I first introduced the program here:

"Have also been enjoying seeing my profit go up daily in SandellandPartners. For those who haven't heard of them yet, they are a 100% Legal Horse Lay Betting Club. You earn 2% daily on your "bet" for 90 days. The % could go up sometime in the future if he is earning more than anticipated :) Plus you are able to Compound your earnings to make even more. It's proving to be a very nice way to accumulate some bucks. And their motto is: "Take the Gamble Out of Gambling". Works for me!"

Allowed currencies to play are: e-gold, ebullion, PayPal and Money Brokers (or so he says in the drop-down menu when you purchase).

I have also added a link to SandellandPartners here on my blog site, on the right side of this page. Look for: 100% Legal Horse Lay Betting. Go see.


More later. I slept in today now I feel like I should be hustling.


Monday, November 5, 2007

BusinessProfitPro & forgiveness ...

Forgiveness: 1. to excuse for a fault or offense; pardon. 2. to renounce anger or resentment against 3. to accord forgiveness 4. the act of forgiving; pardon.

You ever make someone angry and you're not sure why? If you're not aware of what caused their anger, what can you do? Wait to see if they forgive you I suppose. I've heard forgiveness is very powerful. Sure could use some.


BPP Update direct from their site:


We are all getting sick and tired of all the downtimes we are having since we launched on the 24th of October. Our attackers has been relentless in taking our site down! All four of our hosting servers (including BlackLotus and SoftLayer) either gave up on us and/or cannot handle the attacks. It is either we continue like this or find a solution and find one quick!

Right now, me and Gotenks are hoping to find the best solution. I know there is one out there. But for us to do this, we will take down the site for a couple of days to do our research. We cannot be testing and researching while we are also focused on paying the members and trying to keep the site online. It is taking a toll on us.

Again, rest assured that we will be back with all info/database intact. There will be no Daily ROI while we are down. Realize that if we did, it will be game over in a few days. You and I don't want that to happen. All pending upgrades will also be added... I have all your records and tickets. If you have any helpful info to provide us, please email me directly at

AND PLEASE, WE ARE NOT GONE. Let us not post negativity both online and the monitors as this will just affect the program itself. You will receive frequent updates from me or Gotenks at the forums or via mass email.

Best Regards,

Exist1 and Gotenks
BPP Admin and Programmer"



Saturday, November 3, 2007

Good Morning

BusinessProfitPro is under ddos attack again. They'll be back soon.
UPDATE: They're back and lookin good again! Noticed I had some earnings so I did a withdrawal and put it right back in. Yep, that's confidence.


SandellandPartners (the horse betting site) is back up! Jimmy has not updated our 'stats' yet today, and I'm sure he will soon. I also understand he's had a sick child, so the web site will just have to take a back seat to what's more important.

Just got this update from Jimmy:
At last the site is up
i know you all felt nervous about the site when it was down
in the midle of all my son got sick
so i will take this weekend off and start updating everything on monday morning
i hope you understand


I'm pulling the plug on the two surf sites I'm in. GreatEarnings hasn't paid my withdrawals and IncomeStorm doesn't even give credit for daily surfing any longer. Not to mention unpaid withdrawals there too. Oh and Support Tickets? Forget It! I've sent one in - 4 days in a row and have not received ONE response. So I am guessing the sites are not even being 'manned' any longer. They are just there, collecting money. Please don't go there.


Speaking of pulling plugs ... was just in the process of fixing my running toilet. The hardware inside the tank needed replacing. I think it was me who damaged it by putting some cleaner with bleach in the tank. That's a big NO NO. Now I know. And so do you :)


Friday, November 2, 2007

Friday Friday Friday

Hi Guys :)
What's goin on today?
Not a whole lot of excitement here. How about you?

Got a funny story to tell you.
Opened my Skype account today and there was someone wanting to "chat" with me. Ok. I looked at his pic, his name, and his profile. Didn't recognize any of it. Well, soon enough I realized he was "hitting on me". Poor kid looked younger than my Son. What was he thinking?
So my friend suggested (har!), that I tell him I am 108 and couldn't chat until I remembered where I left my teeth. That wasn't enough to make him go away. Sorry buddy, I have no choice left but to block you.
In Skype, if you right click on their picture, there are different options. I chose "block this user". And I hope he finds what he's looking for.

I know there are a lot of lonely people out there. Can't blame them for trying to find friends but ... he needs to find a better way to accomplish that. You can't just jump online and start asking 'personal' questions to someone you don't know, just because you like their picture. It made me sad.


BPP aka BusinessProfitPro is doing well. Their site is running great! I'm earning a bit of money there daily. Did my first withdrawal to Liberty Reserve yesterday. It was INSTANT! Can't complain about that.

Oh and for you folks out there who like to 'market' and get referrals ... they're having a referral contest until the 10th of Nov. $50 bucks for first prize. You should check it out.


That's all for now. Getting late here and I should be feeding my skunks soon.

Have a good weekend!
I'll be posting all weekend as usual :)


Thursday, November 1, 2007

November Already?

Shoot. I'm not ready for November yet.
Give me a minute, ok?