Friday, June 4, 2010

Big Day Today ...

Today is my good friend John's Birthday.
Now you may know him as John, or js, or micronuts, or johnski, or kookoo, or that 9PlanetReview guy. I've just known him as my wacky Canadian friend for many years now.

Sure we've had our ups and downs like all friends do, but for some strange reason, we always end up forgiving and staying friends. And I suppose it's because, that's the way it should be.

So without further ado, here's a scratchy old record for a scratchy old guy!
Happy Birthday John!
Now turn around and count those flowers, har!

PS, thanks to Hermit Jim who first posted this song for John 2 years ago. I thought it was funny as hell and for some reason, it just stuck with me as John's Theme Song. I mean seriously ... look at that wall paper! hahaha



HermitJim said...

Thanks for reminding me of John's birthday! I'd forgotten about it, but with my memory...I forget a lot of things lately!

Heck, I even forgot about your last birthday! See what I mean?

Anyway, Happy Birthday to ol' JS...and many more of the same!

Myrna said...

Are you referring to the flowers on the wall in his profile picture ??
Good one.
I wished JS Happy birthday early this am - as his time changes before mine does. he he .
Great song !!

Everyone have a great Friday...

Randy V said...

I've seen that picture many times and I really didn't notice the flowers....

That song is the appropriate one and I always like it..the Statler Brothers too!

I sent John a birthday message and I hope everyone else does too.

Have a great Friday!

blondie said...

Thanks for stopping by Jim, and Thanks for the Song too. Sure is a good one :)

Yes Myrna, the wallpaper flowers. Too cute eh?

Hey Randy, glad to hear you sent him a Birthday wish. That was nice of everyone who did.

Later guys :))