Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Monday

Funds-o-Matic got off to a really good start a few days ago. Wish I had put more thought into which plan to choose. My next investment will be in the weekly plan, not daily. You do earn a little more even though you can only withdraw weekly.
This is a long term program so no need to take money out so often, right?
One of the cool things here is a "Chat Box" on the front page. I read that poor Randy (the Admin) is getting slammed by Monitor emails, so if you need to contact him quickly about something, the Chat Box would be your best bet. Thumbs up :)

PS, just requested some RC and was paid almost instantly. And I did make a new purchase in the Weekly Plan while I was there. Thanks Members!

PPS, when you click on the link from my blog to join, should say you're joining under member #31. If it doesn't, clear you cookies and try again please. Also means someone is trying to steal my referrals ... again :( Thanks

PPPS, (lol) Remember Free members can earn a Referral Commission also. So if you need to build your pay processor account to $5 so that you can purchase and be an "active" member, shouldn't be too hard IF you know a few folks who like to invest in these types of programs. Good Luck :)


Team Ca$h Cow is alive and well and producing Grade A Milk! And do I see a Video there? Holy Cow ... I need to reboot to get a better connection so I can load it up. Back in a bit.
**OK loaded up good. Cute little Video. Even got a glimpse of Pete in there. You guys might want to check it out and reconsider joining if you haven't yet. Remember, we're not goin anywhere, this is OUR Team. Mine, Yours, Ours. OK?


While that's loading, I need to go fix a running toilet. Then if I feel really ambitious today, might re-caulk the bathtub too. Or not.


Anonymous said...

Sorry this is not spamming but to bring to your notice.Have you heard of

blondie said...

No, I have not heard of it so I took a glance. Doesn't look like anything I would be interested in.

Also my email address is right under my picture here at the top. OK?

Thanks :)

Myrna said...

Superbowl...isn't Maxine priceless !!

blondie said...

And I can SO relate to her, LOL