Thursday, June 10, 2010

You've Got a Friend

Want to share with you a forum post (and skype team chat) that I just read this morning from Pete of Team Ca$h Cow. You and I both know programs and Admins come and go (along with our money sometimes), but we're not going anywhere. We're just a friendly group working on growing a team so that we can all profit from it over time.

[6/9/2010 8:39:06 PM] TeamCa$hCow(Pete):
"Big Welcome to Becky our latest "Herd" Member
Blondie was the referrer of Becky - so she gets paid $1 from me - but gives the sponsorship to Gerry as she has 3 already.
Becky pushes Gerry up to Level 2 - and he gets paid in Traffic Rascal.
As Gerry uses "profit" money to upgrade to Level 2 - that means Gord gets paid too.
Cool how 1 person joining us can allow 3 team members to get paid.
That's the power of team work folks...."

Yes it is very cool how it works, Thanks Pete :)
So if you join and don't understand something, you can always ask Pete, myself, your sponsor or post your question in our Skype chat or in one of the forums we're monitoring. You will get an answer. Guaranteed!


Today should be the last HOT day for awhile. Going to hit 95F by this afternoon. I should mow the backyard lawn but ... ahhhh this heat is killin me here, LOL


Last night on the PBS station was James Taylor and Carole King from a 2007 Concert that was taped. Funny how it's been 40 years since they recorded their songs, yet their voices have not changed. Neither one of them. They both looked different of course. James Taylor lost all his hair and Carole looks older too, but don't we all? I was just surprised at their sound after all these years. They sounded great!


PS, got some really good comments in my June 9th post.
Nice to know I'm not the only one who sees that person for what he really is.



Randy V said...

Love James Taylor music. I forgot how much hair he really did have...big difference now.

Recently we played a new CD in the bookstore with James and Carole...sure good to hear them again.

Have a great day Judy!

blondie said...

Right .. looks and sounds the same, but w/o the hair.

Good thing you don't have that problem eh Randy?

Glad you enjoyed the song.

Later :)

Becky said...

Hey, just reading your blog and my names there! Glad to know my joining helped other. Working hard to add to my list so others can grow!

blondie said...

Hey Becky, catching up on your blog reading eh? Glad you noticed it.
Pete likes to share new member names with everyone so they feel more welcome.
Do you use Skype at all?
We have a nice chat room in skype that I can invite you too if you are a skype user.
If not, go ahead and load it. It's free.
Good Luck on your promotions!