Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Cow Is Getting Fatter

Pete wrote a very good article in his blog yesterday which hits close to home, and you can find it here.
He also explains in more detail what's happening in Rock Solid Fund. So if you're a member there also, do read up, ok?

Yesterday in Team Ca$h Cow we had another new member join, and he joined under John (thanks Bill), so John received $1 referral commission, plus got paid $5 in Traffic Rascal. The new member also raised our "Cash Corral" fund to $10 so Pete bought a new Team Spot under the next in line, which happened to be John also. Now JS will have enough funds in TR to upgrade to the next level using only money earned.

See, that's what we mean about $15 one time out of pocket. Everything else you use to upgrade with (and cash out) is from earned funds. Bingo :))


Jimmy Dean
1928 - 2010

I've enjoyed his music and I've enjoyed his sausage. (no pun intended).
RIP Jimmy Dean

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