Monday, June 7, 2010

Duct Tape to the Rescue

I have this forked hoe that recently broke.
(looks like this but the fork part is more curvy)

The metal fork broke away from the handle (rotten wood).

Checked around for something to "glue" it back in, but no luck.

After eyeballing it, I decided it just needed to be in there a little tighter. So out comes the Duct Tape.

Wrapped a small price around the metal part where it inserts into the wood. Banged it in a few times and hey's stuck in there good now!! Off to hoeing I go! LOL


So after reading my words above, hope I don't get any Adult seekers here to my blog. Naw, it's all "G" rated. Just depends where your mind's at.


Got Paid yesterday from Rock Solid Fund. So I'm officially in profit now! YaY! Although I may spend a little more tomorrow early. I like doing it early since it credits your earnings the same time you bought, each day. And I'm normally an early bird here.


Someone wrote to me this morning saying they were thinking of joining Team Ca$h Cow, since it seems to still be going.
Of course it's still going. It's a Team Build and we're just getting started!

Guaranteed, you guys are gonna join stuff over the summer that lasts a day, a week or maybe even a month (if you're really lucky that is), but the Cow will still be here when you get back, lol.

And as long as we continue to grow, and find programs to keep us busy (like Traffic Rascal is doing now), I can't see any reason why this would ever go away. It's not your typical get in, make money, get out program. It's a Team Build for gosh sakes ... and a great team build at that!

We just started a new Stampede this morning over at another Traffic Exchange site. Got a couple new members over the weekend and two more will give Pete enough $ to purchase another "team" position under the next-in-line person.
So if you're not in our team yet, why not??
What are you waiting for, Christmas?


Wonder if I'm spending too much time outside?
Feels like I got Ants in my Pants.


Anonymous said...

is W.D. - Walt D - his voice gives him away. Thanks.

blondie said...

Don't know.
But that would make sense, wouldn't it?

js said...

Yeah, high ho0es, Rockeller and his dogs sure did create plants in Germany, and Ford too! Just to keep the war going. Now knowing this, listen to what he is saying more closely and you will get me.


Sorry. Not. js