Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do Not Join

Now I don't tell you that very often, but I am today.

Was told of a new gifting program and the link is:
But the email I received after requesting more info came from: Massive Leverage
OK, harmless so far UNTIL I found out the person running it was Tai Sheppard.

Well, Tai's "Social Tide" bombed, did it not?
And his "List-Zilla" (a-hem) is a bomb also.
So would anyone consider joining a gifting program that he's in charge of, that starts at $100.00? Not me, that's for sure.

Without going into detail, I can tell you that I was REMOVED from List-Zilla merely because I asked for a refund of the "pro-manager" portion ($9.99) because it never got off the ground, (valid reason) and he offered a 30 day double your money back guarantee.

Apparently Tai's ego couldn't handle me asking for a refund, (which I did politely), so he deleted my account in it's entirety ... even after I told him he made a mistake.

Talk about an arrogant self centered Admin who prides himself (constantly) yet refuses to "dumb things down" for those learning the business. Like if we don't understand his lingo, we don't belong here.

Anyway, I did NOT get a "double" refund (as promised on the site), nor did I get an apology for removing me due to his temper tantrum.

So do I believe in anything that he does now?
Nope, and I wouldn't touch his stuff with a 10 foot pole.


Received my last Liberty Reserve payment from Rock Solid Fund just now. That is my first 30 day spot completed. I have another running, but it's through Alert Pay. So far so good - but be careful. Tony said the LR funds are low and he's hoping there won't be any (or many) hit n runners. OK?


Got another member into Team Ca$h Cow today. YaY! One more needed before Pete has enough to buy a filler spot to help us all out. Hopefully you've been following me on this and know what I'm saying. Cause it's too hot here right now to keep talking. LOL



Gord said...

Way to go Judy!

Sock it to em'

Warnings are a good thing where the majority of times we enter programs only to find out we are being shafted by the Admin or developed a program out of his or her scope/experience/capable of running, knowing it will not pay out or grow as advertised.

Keep up the good word


blondie said...

Oh thanks Gord :)

It's kinda old news but wanted others to be on the lookout, especially since there IS a new program to beware of.

Later (wave)

Randy V said...

Thanks Judy. I haven't heard of that one but I will stay away from it. I don't like the $100 or more gifting programs anyway. I lost $100 one time in the past and I'm not going there again.

Thanks for looking out for your friends.

blondie said...

Anytime Randy,
Glad you found it helpful.

js said...

To let you all know, I've been in the thick of things with both socialtide and then listzilla.

What I found out, as a founding member, is right along side with what Judy just said. The guy is actually not a scammer, but a big EGO. He thinks he is always right, but has been prove twice or thrice now that he is WRONG!

So no one should trust this guy. NO ONE! And you CAN quote me on that!


blondie said...

I can quote you on that js?

I think I just did, lol

Thanks for verifying my statement. You and I both know how true it is.

Integritas said...

Yep agreed here too, I was also a founding member of his other programs but after a massive bust up about his lack of integrity and honour I decided to get away from him as fast as possible. Tai Sheppard is too greedy for any program of his to be successful. Judy... same here, I asked for my money back plus the double money back guarantee, i recieved 4 dollars as my refund and lost all my ref commissions in the process. Thats how he treats his team so imagine how much he cares for the good folks in his programs...basically he doesnt so run and run fast away from anything this guy is involved with.

Sorry for the rant lol =P

blondie said...

Are you kidding?
It was a great rant! lol

So even "founding members" got the shaft eh? Wow. Am soooo glad I posted so others know who to avoid in the future.

Thanks for confirming :)