Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Don't Forget About This... plus Wednesday

If you all follow John's blog at 9planetreviews.com, you should have noticed he's been talking about this for quite some time now. Above is a banner he just created for it and it links to his email address to get more info.
If by chance the link doesn't work, email him at: healthcard@aweber.com to receive an automated response.
I registered a long time ago but am not a Sponsor, so do get with him if you'd like to find out more.

Hey if this thing really does come through ... it'll sure take a weight off of my shoulders. How about you?


Here's something of interest.
Opened my Credit Card bill and actually read it. Don't think I noticed this before but thought it was worth sharing.

They showed me how long it would take to pay off my CC debt, doing one or the other:

On a Balance of about $3,000.00 (at 7.9% interest)
If I make the minimum monthly payment only (currently $49), it will take 17 years to pay off the debt.
BUT if I make a monthly payment of $95, it will take 36 months to pay it off and will save $1,329 in interest.
Can you believe it?!?


Wed: I'm too lazy to start a new post so I'll just continue here.

Wanted to mention Rock Solid Fund. Tony is still keeping an eye on the program even though he's resigned from the Admin spot. He said they are close to appointing a new Admin, also waiting for funds to come in or get moved or something like that while pending payments are now over $1500 and rising. And what was that about paying those NOT in profit first? Boy I dunno. That sure doesn't sound good with regards to the life of the program, does it?
If you're there, and not in profit, I sure do hope you get your funds back, and quickly.


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Sheila M said...

It will take the weight off my shoulders for sure...