Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Show Me The List, LOL

You know how they say "The Money is in the List" ... well that could be true. I've worked very hard over the last few years building my "List" and although I have quite a few folks who joined my "Alert List" (link on the right), I know there are a lot who haven't. Those who haven't visit me here and read my blog and decide to join a program or two based on my review of it.

I recently got to thinking about my Direct Referrals in other programs who were not on my Alert List. So off I went in search of them.

Programs that are still running and actually show your referrals were pretty easy to grab. But HYIFund for instance, shows 'how many' referrals you have but doesn't give any detail. So I wrote to them Twice so far asking for my List. NO Response yet (even though others have gotten one).

The program where I got the most referrals EVER was Deep Cycler. I wrote to the Admin (you may know who he is) trying to get my List of 125 out of there. After my first request, said he would try (since the site is offline now). Never heard back so sent a reminder which was answered with a disappointing "I'm sorry
judy but I don't have any way of opening the back up."

Now I imagine I gave up the "rights" to my list when I joined that program. That must have been in the fine print somewhere in the Terms (you would think). And I'm sure those 125 referrals came in handy (for someone else) when they were sent promotional emails for other things to join.

But really, is that the proper way to build your own list? Seeing others work hard to get them, one by one, so that you can find a way to grab their list and market to them yourself? Wow. Maybe I'm just too old school and 'set in my way' to comprehend how sneaky things can be done here on the 'net.

And I have no hard feelings. Actually I have no feelings about it at all, anymore. What's done is done and cannot be changed. It was me who made the mistake by not seeing their hidden agenda. But I do remember learning this as a young child: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you Matthew 7-120 So whether you're religious or not, doesn't matter. I think we all understand.


Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

After 15 or 16 years of enjoying Home Delivery of Milk and Dairy Products (the good old fashioned way, in glass bottles delivered weekly to my doorstep), I finally bit the bullet and sent them an email to Cancel my account. Didn't even have the courage to call them.
Their price is high (it's very fresh milk though) and since the cost of gasoline went out of control, they charge me 1$ weekly delivery fee also. Well, it's just me drinking the milk these days and I don't order much, plus my pocket book was telling me it was time to say Good-Bye. Feels really sad though, and I'm gonna miss seeing that "Cow Cooler" sitting on my front porch. Moooooo :(

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