Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Yes I know it was yesterday,
and I missed posting, and
that's not like me.

Happy Memorial Day!


Was just doing my surfing over at a traffic site that Team Ca$h Cow is stampeding this week.
Clicking through the sites, I noticed how many "team build" programs are out there. Which made me think of one of the BIG team builds I was in a while back.

Use to receive a lot of hoopla from the owner for each program he got into ... "get in now; get in fast; before the rest of the team; blah blah blah".
So I did. Or I tried anyway. All I ended up doing was losing money, or should I say donating it to the Owner of the Team since we were ALL advised to sign up under HIS LINK and we'd all get spillover.

Pete (Team Ca$h Cow) on the other hand is giving the Cow his personal touch, (sry that made me grin). For that one time 5$ membership fee, he's placing new team members where they need to be in order to benefit other team members, not only himself. And that's the way a TEAM should be run. Don't you think? I do.

So our first Team Build is Traffic Rascal (one-time $10) and after checking the site today, I see we're just a member or two from someone winning the BONUS bucks. New member # 100 will get 25$, and their sponsor 75$. I don't know about you but if I were eligible and Won that, it would sure put a spring in my step, lol

In our team 'chat' yesterday, this song was dedicated to me and announced as "Blondie's Theme Song for Team Ca$h Cow". Ahhhh, OK, thank you Gord (smile). Hey, we DO have fun :))

One more blondie song, back by popular demand (har!)

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