Sunday, June 13, 2010

What to do .. what to do

Feeling really sad this morning after reading my good friend John's blog. I know a lot of us are in the same boat as he is. And with the slow summer season of online programs right around the corner... there's not much to look forward to. Plus the fact that he's been very meticulous about what he joins and promotes these days. And so have I. Only scammers promote scams, and that's pretty much the way it is. Unfortunately, they're the only ones making money when times get tough. So what do we do now?


Team Ca$h Cow is doing fine as we build our Team. Pete (the Admin) continues to modify the program as we (the Team) see fit. All for the better of course.
Now John is a member, but he's not mentioned it much in his blog. So the link above in red is his link, not mine. If you were thinking of joining us anyway ... today would be a good day to do that, OK?
In our Team chat yesterday, Pete said he was toying with the idea of adding a short video to the site to say Hello and explain to folks how our team works. We all thought it was a great idea! Can't wait to see Pete up close and personal talking about The Cow, LOL


Received an email from Tony saying that he has stepped down from being the Admin of Rock Solid Fund. The note was a little vague as to what exactly will happen now. They'll either appoint a new Admin or what? Continue payouts until it's gone? See what I mean? Don't think the note was real clear and I even read it twice.


Enough with the serious stuff already. Sheesh!


Randy V said...

Hey Judy;

I appreciate you and John S for being honest and helping all of us make good decisions. I guess many of us are in tight circumstances with money right now. It really makes it tough to try new programs to try to help with the money and someone out there is just there to take our money....sure makes it discouraging.

Thanks for what you two and others are doing to help all of us.

Have a great Sunday!

blondie said...

Thanks Randy,
That was very sweet of you to say that.

Been thinking about you hoping you're no where near that recent flooding in Arkansas.
Sure is scary to see that stuff.

Our mountains here are close to flooding also from the snow melting :(

Hope you enjoy your day,