Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day of Summer... and it's HOT!

While trying to beat the heat and stay inside ... (no I don't have AC but at least there's no hot sun in the house), I've just added a new Banner on the right and will tell you why :)

Neil Marsh who owns Electrifying Hits (Traffic Exchange) also happens to be a member of Team Ca$h Cow. He was nice enough to offer EH members a Free 6 Month Upgrade IF they join Team Ca$h Cow while surfing. Now this offer is only good for the first 10 members who join Ca$h Cow & Traffic Rascal.

If you're already a free member of EH and you see the Ca$h Cow banners, website or splash pages ... today would be a good day to join our Team and get Neil's Promo.

If you're not a member of EH yet, go ahead and join for free, then start your surfing. When you see Team Ca$h Cow go by, open it up and take a gander.

Oh and Neil's offer is worth almost $60, whereas joining Team Ca$h Cow is $5 for life, then another $10 at Traffic Rascal, and that's it. No more out of pocket money needs to be spent. Cool :)

Sure is nice to have such helpful members on our Team.
Thanks a bunch Neil ;)


6 Month Free Lightning Strike Upgrades for 10 Members

Sound to good to be true, well it isn't but there is a small catch...

This week a team from Team Ca$h Cow is using EH to help boost their exposure and get more team members, which I am one of.

So I thought I would help out a will see whilst surfing some splash pages or banners of Team Ca$h Cow, if you click on one of them and sign up to the program, which by the way is a small one off fee,
I will then give you a top 6 month LS upgrade on the house, that is worth $9.97 x 6 = $59.82 and believe me the program will cost you alot less than that.....

So all you need to do is go fine the splash pages or banners whilst surfing at EH, sign up...and then claim your 6 month easy is that.

Last thing I can not give this to everyone so I will limit it to the first 10 takers.....good luck and hurry as other members may be searching for the links already..

Oh by the way this is a team program where we all promote together,which in turn mean we help you get referrals, just like I am doing now for the team.


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