Thursday, July 15, 2010

Asleep at the Wheel

Got a new referral in Team Ca$h Cow on Tuesday (thanks Harry), then got to thinking about all the other people I know, do favors for, write to and/or read my blog ... and for the life of me, can't figure out why they all haven't joined us yet, lol

To be completely honest with you, our membership has not grown the way I thought it would or would like to see it grow. So now the question becomes: why not?

Pete sent a survey to all the members to get their opinions of our Team and the current program we're in. So once that's completed, I'll be sure to let you know what changes we've made so that hopefully you'll want to take a second look at it. OK?


Update from Funds-O-Matic regarding the current StrictPay situation:

Just a quick update. Funds - O- Matic is doing great with Just over 2050 members the word is getting out.
I have received some interviews and am completing them today, so look forward to reading about them soon.
Now for some information regarding StrictPay. While the system is back on line there is a glitch with their system in which transfers show in history but not correct in the balance. With out giving too much details to cause confusion, I have disable SP upgrades for the day. Once i can confirm that they are working properly I will again re enable them. This is a precaution to avoid any account errors or to cause any confusion.
Once the StrictPay system is functioning properly i can then complete the payments.

Also noticed that Membership is growing like crazy! YaY!
Requested and received an RC from Randy last night.
Thanks to my referrals and Let's keep this one going strong :)


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