Friday, July 30, 2010

Sir Paul McCartney

While flipping channels the other night, came across Paul McCartney in Red Square, Moscow from a 2003 appearance.
Just as I started jammin to the music, I realized it was also a documentary. They discussed and interviewed several folks about the impact that "The Beatles" had on the younger generation in Russia back in the 60's.
Was a pretty good show.


Randy V said...

I would have loved to see that too Judy. Man..did the Beatles have an impact in the 60s in USA too!!!

...or at least they did on me!

Have a great Friday!

Have you heard any more details about the surf program?

blondie said...

Oh me too. Wonder what I would be like if it wasn't for The Beatles? hmmm

The surf program. Seems the Admin has been around the block a few times and has run other programs before. Still not sure who s/he is though but with the 'chatter' going on in the forum, I doubt the program will have a chance now.
Just hope it runs long enough to get my money back :)

Randy V said...

Did you read John's blog? I don't think he is too fond of the surfing program. Maybe he knows something about them that we should know.

blondie said...

Well Randy, John and I chatted yesterday about it and I told him not to join.
There's just way too much scuttlebutt going on right now which may take it's toll on it sooner than later.
I'm already in it, so have no choice but to run it out. I would not suggest you join now and I'll post about that today. OK?