Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Surf in Town :)

Been awhile since I joined a surf site but got word of a new one that launched earlier today. Looks like a fun ride with good plans in place. I'm doing the Surf daily at 5% for 30 days (150% back). But there's also a Non-Surf that pays 4-1/2%.
Now I don't know much about the Admin yet, but got my feelers out on that, lol

Called GreenAdsClub (initials GAC ... wonder if the thought about that before naming it? ha!)
Positions are $10 each, accepts LR, AP and STP.
Ref comm's are 1% to free members and 5% to paid members.
And you CAN cashout daily. Nice
Well you can read all that on the front page and in the FAQ's. They're not very long and to the point. And I figure since this is launch day deposits should go well and I'll keep you posted on my progress.

One more thought, until we learn more about the Admin and their background, I'm keeping my spend pretty small. Just to be on the safe side, you know?



Randy V said...

Hi Judy. That gives me flash backs...the old surfing programs. I wonder if people are trying to bring some of them back. I saw another one a few weeks ago but it didn't impress me. Let me know if you find out any info about the admins.

Have a great day!

blondie said...

Aww c'mon Randy,
It hasn't been 'that long' since we surfed. Has it? LOL
Will let you know what I find out, good or bad.
Later :)

Anonymous said...

What is scary about GAC is that the admin who started his thread in MMG is ban - so he made only 2 posts there.

blondie said...

Correct, due to multiple usernames :(
Well I'm already in so I'll wait it out now to see what happens next, LOL