Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hey What's Up?

Team Ca$h Cow is officially "under construction" and will be back soon :)

Funds-o-Matic just keeps rockin n rollin and I see the best of the best players posting their payments in various forums. Thumbs Up!

The Prosperity Game is moving nicely and I just read our 1st group is off the "board" and onto the next. Those in that group will be paid. YaY for them! Now, I joined in Feb and I'm in group 8. So as you can see, this does take awhile but as it grows, should go faster while the payouts get bigger.

Join4aDollar gets more interesting the more I look at it. And since it's only a dollar ... here's what I'm thinkin:
When I joined I funded my account with $5 so that I could help others who didn't have a buck in their Alert Pay. Well of course I spent $1 on my own upgrade but I still have $4 left. Sooooooo, if you're one of those people who joined already as a free member, and would like to be benefactored in, let me know. Or if you join today and don't have a buck, let me know and I'll pay your way in. Deal?
Remember I only have $4 extra so first come, first serve.
A comment here will get my attention, then others can see where we're at.
1 of 4 = randyv (placed under kookoo)
2 of 4 = golden (placed under rich88)
3 of 4 = kaljoy (placed under rich88)
4 of 4 =
PS, I'll need your username to verify and pay your way in. Be sure you join under "blondie", then I can place you in the best spot when paying.



Gaye said...

Hi there Blondie,
I took you up on you generous offer and have joined under you. My username is kaljoy. Thanks and look forward to being in your team.


blondie said...

Thanks Gaye,
Just went to the site and upgraded your spot.
Enjoy :)