Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Much Better plus Wed's thoughts

Slept much better last night ... thank you :)
And I've seen no dead mice or live coyotes yet.
Good start for the day.


Got paid yesterday from Funds-O-Matic for my weekly plan, plus a little more today for some RC. Thanks guys! You know, Randy's doing a really great job running this program and since it's a long term plan, there was no rush to get in and get out. I actually added $50 to my account yesterday using StrictPay. So there.
*****Also just realized this has been running for over 30 days now meaning my first weekly spend earning 7% interest has earned back 28% already.


Still got a buck in my account over at Join4aDollar that I'd like to put to good use. Any takers? (see Saturdays post.)
***** So I can't even give away a dollar? Where did everybody go???


Here's a new Traffic Exchange with the cute name of We-Bclickin. (We Be Clickin, haha) Anyway Susan in our Ca$h Cow team hooked me up with it the other day. After you join for Free, just surf your 50 sites, then send a support ticket to Admin who will then credit your account with 5,000 Site, 5,000 Banner and 5,000 Text Ad credits. Pretty good huh? Now membership is small there but as it grows, hopefully folks will notice what you're promoting. As for me, I'm saving most of my 'credits' for when Team Ca$h Cow re-opens.
**Just noticed the site says the bonus was good thru the 25th, so I've sent in a support ticket to see what's going on. I'll let you know.
*****The bonus offer is done, kaput, expired. And with the small number of members, I wouldn't join it at this point. Just not worth the time, ya know?


Here's a cool youtube for The Prosperity Game (link on the right). Created by one of our members. Thanks David.



Phoenix14 said...

Hi Blondie, FYI the bonus at We-Bclickin is back on until Aug 31st. See the main page for details. Membership is growing and the admin has been active in promoting it so it could be a decent source of exposure to your sites as it grows. Bye!

blondie said...

Thanks for the update.
Guess I should read my emails from them more often, LOL