Monday, July 19, 2010

Very Impressed with FOM

Got to thinkin this morning and decided rather than letting my funds sit in StrictPay without knowing how long it'll be before I can withdraw any of it, I'd rather put it to work for me.
So I made a new deposit in Funds-o-Matic.
Randy sent us instructions last night on how to do that, so I did it, and my deposit was showing in my account in a matter of minutes.
Yes I was impressed with the speed. You know, like Tom Cruise in Top Gun ... "I feel the need ... the need for speed!" LOL
And while I was in there pokin around, requested payouts to my AP and LR which were also received within minutes.
You Rock Randy! Keep up the good work :)


Team Ca$h Cow Update for those who do not use Skype:
[12:24:39 PM] Gordon Boehler:
This is from Pete...he's working for the man right now so can't access this chat. I'm the messenger and the word is...
no surfing required this week and an update about the survey results and what direction the Cow is going in will be sent out this evening
that's it for now folks! Stay tuned to CNN where we have cameras and mic's in every politicians bedroom
Funny guy that Gord :D


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