Monday, July 26, 2010

Why Not?

Just added another $50 to Funds-O-Matic via StrictPay.
Since I can't withdraw it, might as well spend it, right?


I've been having a day from hell here.
Got about 4-5 hours sleep last night then woke with a horrible leg cramp. So bad that I thought it would turn into a heart attack ... but it didn't.
Got up and let the Cat's out then heard a noise in the living room. It was the "freak" playing with a dead mouse. Took the mouse away from him and put it in the BBQ to be cremated later. (No, I don't cook food in there.)
Noticed something moving in the tall weeds on the farm. It was a Coyote. Then noticed something else moving ... another Coyote. At 9 o'clock in the morning? What the...?
Started calling for the cats right away since the coyotes were obviously hungry and looking for food. Got the cats in safe and sound. Even the freak.
Had 3 skypes open. One was a nice chat. The other not so nice. And another just constantly blooping at me, (team chat that I don't participate in).
Now it's afternoon, it's really hot in here and I have a headache that just won't quit!

Oh and did I say "Happy Monday!"?



Randy V said...

Sorry your day was bad but thanks for the "Strawberry Fields"...

Have a great Tuesday to make up for the yucky Monday.

blondie said...

Thanks Randy,
So far, So good :)

Knew you'd enjoy the video.

Phoenix14 said...

Hey Blondie! Try taking some potassium and that may help with the leg cramps. Even eating a banana for the potassium may be all you need. Take care!

blondie said...

Thanks for the advise Susan.
My other friend said Magnesium and Calcium, which I have here but sometimes forget to load up on them daily. My own fault.
Now where did I put those vitamins?