Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just The Facts Ma'am ... Just The Facts

Don't know if you've been watching comments here about GreenAdsClub or not. But here's how I'm seeing it ...
The poor program got off to a bad start.
Folks in a popular forum I visit started asking questions early on (which is fine) but the Admin couldn't come back to answer.
Seems he's had numerous usernames in that forum, which is not allowed, so he was banned.
Well once the scuttlebutt got started, there was no turning back.
Reading all of that and knowing how folks check on programs before joining, I can't envision this one going anywhere fast. Heck, last night I even advised my friend NOT to join.
So I'm not saying that it won't last, or that there is anything wrong with the Admin or the program ... it just got off to a rocky start.
At this point I would think, if you didn't already put your bucks in there, you probably don't want to now.
I did make a small spend which I will still report on, but I won't make another unless something out of the ordinary happens to bring my confidence level back up.


So who remembers 1969? Anybody? I do.
And when I heard this song in a commercial just now, I started singing it and realized I remembered all the words. Hmmm :/

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