Sunday, August 1, 2010


Just opened and getting geared up ...
New Surf / Non-Surf Program

ProAdsClub (yes initials PAC but no relation to the old one, hehe)

OK guys our NEW site is up and running and ready for you to join. Low ROI and cashout daily.

Surf Plan
3% daily for 60 days=180%
Cashout daily
5% referral commission
min. upgrade is $10
max. upgrade is $1000
MUST SURF 15 sites daily at :10 sec each to earn

Non-Surf Plan
2.5% daily for 60 days=150%
Cashout daily
5% referral commission
min. upgrade is $10
max. upgrade is $1000
NO Surf Required in this plan

We accept, Alertpay, LR and STP.
200 Free Credits when you join.

Come get in the NEW site now and earn steady income with us



Will come back to write a little more in a few.
Just wanted to give you all a heads up on this before everyone else does.

While waiting for a Banner that will fit my site, here's what I know.
Tony ran 2 other programs before this one. They both 'ran out of money' like they all do in this business but there were a lot of members in those sites that were really happy with the programs and their results.
So Tony decided IF he had enough support to open a new one, that he would. And here we are :)

Now I personally didn't "play" in those other two, which is a shame but at least I'm here now. Got a feeling I missed out on some fun though.

Anyway I just added funds to the Surf plan, did my auto-surfing (which went really fast) and I'm looking forward to seeing the numbers grow here as the days and weeks go by.


I'll give you more updates on other things tomorrow, OK?
Remember, no news is good news :)

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