Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Easy 40 Plan ...

is in the works as we speak.
I'll be back with the scoop on this as soon as I figure it out myself, LOL

Gordon is in the process of modifying his Grand Bank Club website to this new and improved plan. And as it all unfolds, we'll get word straight from the horses mouth (or is that the Moose's mouth?) on all the necessary details. Can't Wait :)
Also note that I don't earn anything from you joining under me. And Gord does not keep anything for himself either. This is a team effort... the more the merrier which will move us all through the boards that much faster.


The above is very similar and a part of the (can't say the name) Game where I already have 3 positions in the Group Plans run by The Prosperity Game folks. With this being International and a true paying board game, man I just can't see anything but UP from here! Plus we're one of the largest teams in the US right now. How cool is that?
Oh and we had another PIF winner yesterday, Rob Myles! (by the way, he's a real hoot in the chat room there, lol) Congrats Rob!!



Randy V said...

Hi Judy;

I was in Grand Bank this the same as Grand Bank Club? I tried to log in but it didn't work so I thought it might be by the same person but a different program.

blondie said...

Hi Randy,

Gord first opened GBSurf. It did well but then slowed a bit. He then opened GBClub where members of the surf were invited to join and eventually moved us all over to the Club.
(seems you missed that memo, lol)

Getting away from the surfs and hyips, he's now starting up and running (non-profit) the "Game" undercover at GrandBankClub.

If I remember right, you're already playing in the "game" through another team with the higher amount for starters.

This $40 level is more affordable for most and should take off like a rocket :)

Of course I'll keep everyone posted on how I am doing. Gord's a smart guy and I feel comfortable knowing that he's running the ship.

Later :)))

Randy V said...

Thanks Judy. I did join with a $150 position but I also joined with two $40 positions so I guess I am really in "the game". Let me know how it is going and I would imagine another position in the game wouldn't hurt...especially if it is moving and paying.

blondie said...

I'm sure it wouldn't hurt at all and I hope you're in a good team as well. I wouldn't have a clue about what to do next if it wasn't for our team(s).