Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Update on Funds-o-Matic

Straight from the horses mouth ...

Well I need to first say what a past few days huh? Finally back on line.

With that being said I need to express deepest gratitude to everyone who has kept in touch off site. Here is some updates and i think for the most part all is good.

If your not able to access the site via please use the ip this is working as it is how I am accessing the site now.

The back up i used was 2 days before the down time, and I added the past 2 days info from hard copy data. From what i have seen there is ONLY 2 members who had deposits that I did not have their account details. ( if this is one of your down line just have them contact me).

Our New hosting should be fully propagated for everyone soon.
Thank you for all the support and assistance during this time.

OK so I was able to log in using the IP address above. This is for current members ONLY! I wouldn't suggest joining NEW until the site is fully back up.
I noticed 2 changes after logging in: 1, my newest referral #2200 is not showing any longer and 2, my cash out requests from Monday did not go through. So I'll just wait until today's earnings get posted and request again. That's all for now and I appreciate Randy's hard work on getting us back-up-to-snuff.
**Just so you know, the site has been up and down all day. Still propagating I would imagine. No worries and I'll check back later on.
*** More below.


On another note, I was paid today from GreenAdsClub (Admin unknown) and my first cash out from ProAdsClub (Admin Tony). Thanks to both of them :)


WARNING ... Thanks to Gord and his newsletter, Stay Away from KB-Gold. Seems he did quite a bit of investigating as 'Snoop-Dawg-Gord' and dug up some pretty creepy stuff about them. Thanks for the heads up Gord! Just another scam I imagine.


One more long update from Randy then I'm otta here for the night.

I finally am caught up on payments meaning they have all been completed that were requested,

As you all may or may not know our old hosting has ISP issues which forced our hand to get new hosting. I will admit i rushed to get the new server on line so there was not any server testing.

The NEW hosting is working out some issues with the mailer not working and the SSL needing to be replaced.

I can only think that monitors that change status so fast ( especially after they were also paid) use software that pings the site.

I know that today's payments may have taken a little longer then normal to complete them however i myself was having slow connection and combined with the amount of payments ( 3 days worth in one) I think i have done a good job.

I am expecting that things will smooth out as go again, once the mailer is functioning I will be able to once again use the contact form. until then you may use the live chat support located on the support page or you can mail me directly at FUNDSOMATIC [@] GMAIL.COM or add yahoo messenger {{ fundsomatic }} no mail is used at yahoo so do not mail me there.



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