Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Cow Came Home

Team Ca$h Cow is now OPEN for new members!
The program we're 'team building' is the F5M-Millionaires-Club, and it's been around for 16 years already.

Pete has it all detailed on the front page after you enter through the splash page.
In a nutshell:
- You can join TCC as a "Stampeder" for Free, and you are required to help promote the Team.
- Or you can join as a "Grazer" for a one-time $25 with no promotional requirements.
- The F5M-MC program is a minimum $5 one-time to join.
- Whether you're a stampeder or a grazer, the team build Rotator will promote for you until you get 6 referrals in F5M.
- If you personally sponsor a "grazer", you'll get paid a referral commission of $5
- Every stampeder who qualifies monthly (min. promoting requirement) is also eligible to receive an equal share of the profit pool, aka the "Ca$h Corral".

Well, go have a read if you're interested.
Front page is very detailed but gimme a holler if you get lost :)


I know it's not nice to laugh at others misfortunes, but don't we always say "Don't Bet The Farm?"

I have been compounding now for several weeks and am going to start withdrawals. I love XXX. After having lost the family farm in high profile HYIPs that I thought I could depend on, XXX just keeps chugging along.

That was an actual post pulled from a Forum. I changed the name of the program to XXX to protect the innocent. Holy Moly!


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