Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Long and Winding Road

Hey, my banner isn't changing like it's supposed to.

Guess I need some more instruction on how to do that, lol

UPDATE: banner is missing the source location of the banner images. So hopefully by tomorrow, that will be corrected and we can all use them.
And the good news is we're up to 175 members already after only 5 days and cycling is doing just fine. So those of you FREE members sitting on the fence, C'mon in. The waters perfect.


Cat I'm sorry. Cat's Collection Blog hasn't been updated for 5 months so I can only assume you're busy with the grand baby and not coming back. Just removed from my side panel here. Please let me know if you ever start it up again.


Got the News this morning about Grand Bank Club's August Cash Draw Winner:
"Congratulations to Club member... waycal... for winning the first cash draw of eleven dollars. Wayne wanted me to put it back in the fund for the next draw. Thanks Wayne...appreciate the Club spirit and his donation to help his fellow members."
And Thank You Gord for all you do for us ;)


Got PAID today from Funds-o-Matic ... just like always!
Thanks to Randy and all of the supportive members.


Speaking of winners ... Dave Robertson, aka "danish" won the PIF drawing at The Prosperity Game. Things are moving along there even though it seems like "the long and winding road" sometimes. Patience will pay off I"m told.



Pete said...

Got a replay about the banners:

Members suppose to upload the image file to their own web hosting. If members need to load the images from ad2m server, they should send in a support ticket."

So I guess everyone must send a support ticket to get the proper banner link or host the image themselves(??)...weird...


blondie said...

Thanks for that Pete.

Yes, too weird for me.

I just wrote to Carrie about that and suggested how it should work.
Hope she listens to me, lol

Later (wave)