Monday, August 2, 2010

Let's take it from the top ...

ProAdsClub got off to a good start with 53 members on day 1 and $1160 deposited. Tony has sent out nice welcome emails and has reminded everyone that payments (min. 1$) will be paid twice daily.. early AM and in the evening as well. He's quite active in the MMG forum too, (not sure about other ones). Anyway, I feel real comfortable knowing that he's in charge of the show.
And surfing IS automatic so one click and you're off and running. You earn your daily ROI after 15 sites and can surf a maximum of 25. Works for me :)

TeamCa$hCow is still 'on hold' while we wait for our 'new program to join' from our fearless leader Pete. Stay tuned for more.

is now 6 weeks old and growing. I got a new referral the other day and he was number 2200. Pretty darn good for the slow summer season, wouldn't ya say? Randy's proven to be a really good Admin and is taking care of our business daily. He's working on getting STP added as a pay processor and says that "
some of the deposits in StrictPay are showing as what strictpay considers "new money" This means that they are getting back on track so they are looking more of a viable option for those users." Now that's good news too since I have a pretty good chunk of SP in there. YaY!
**PS, sites been down for a few hours today. Am sure everything's ok. Just FYI

... well, maybe I'm just not being patient enough with that one. Or maybe I don't have the right audience here for something like this. I got a few referrals, I paid for a few more referrals, and I'm still sitting on a dollar in my account that I can't even give away. Maybe this just isn't the right kind of program for me or my readers. What do you think?

The Prosperity Game
... there's always daily news and good updates. Unfortunately it hasn't filtered down to me personally yet. But it's getting there. A-ha. Sooner than later (I hope) I'll have something to show for it.

GreenAdsClub ... received another payment from them today so that puts me at 1/4 of my seed money returned so far. 15 more days and I'll break even. 10 more will be profit. Fingers crossed :)


You know, sometimes I feel like I'm just too honest. Does it pay to be honest? I certainly hope so, LOL Let me tell you a quick story ...

I was approached by someone who wanted to PIF me into a program (PIF = pay it forward) which cost 30 dollars. Now that's a lot of money to PIF to someone, so I wondered "why me?" They said because I have a lot of blog readers and am well respected in one of the big forums. Ummm OK, let me check it out first.

The program reminded me of something I was in awhile back, where you send money to the 5 people on the list and send a little to Admin also. Then your name gets added to the list and they promote for you until you receive (at least) your money back.

As I recall, I did receive my money back on that one, BUT I don't think the folks who joined under me ever did. And that's not fair, is it? If I join something that says "no sponsoring required" and my passive readers join under me, then we should all make money, not just me because I have this blog and a few followers.
And since I believe most of my readers are the passive type, I need to think about them before showing them a new opportunity.

Bottom line is I told them I would sleep on it and would let them know today. I just don't feel right about accepting a PIF for something unless I plan to promote it. But if I promote and others don't, then we won't know if the "no sponsoring required" works or not. Hey, 30 bucks is 30 bucks! Whether it comes out of my pocket, my sponsors pocket, or your pocket. That's a lot of money from where I sit.

So as you can see, I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I'll let you know what happens later on.



js said...

I totally agree with you blondie! I myself cannot promote such progs. If promoting is required I expect my folks to promote it as well. And I will not be bought! js

blondie said...

Well that's where I'm stuck though. They say promoting is NOT required to earn and that's the part I'd like to investigate. But at that cost? Makes it hard to decide, no matter who's money is on the line.