Friday, August 6, 2010

Oh I dunno ... and it's Saturday now

If any of you took interest in my post yesterday about KB-Gold, Gord wrote up his findings in his blog today. You may be interested to follow up on that. If not, well then carry on :)


GreenAdsClub ... Feeling kinda bad about it because it did get off to a rough start. Member count is still really low considering the number of days it's been open. The Admin has always answered my support tickets really fast and pays every time I ask. Unfortunately the harm has already been done. All I can say is I was paid again today and I'm almost half way to getting my 'seed money' back. So nothing I can do but continue surfing and wait it out to see what happens next.
* Paid again on Saturday :)


ProAdsClub ... Tony did a favor for me today which was really sweet of him. I do believe his heart is in the right place running PAC, and I will continue to share it with you for as long as it stays healthy.
PS, got paid some RC today, so I'll be making a new spend there tomorrow (since I already surfed for the day). Thanks Tony and referrals.
* Just made a new deposit on Saturday.


Funds-o-Matic ... Site is up and running fine from where I sit. Requested a couple of cash-outs today which were both paid within minutes. Thanks Randy and whoo hoooo! LOL
Also notice the server time changed, ok? So your daily/weekly earnings will be showing up a little later than usual. I see it's now on PST.


Had a monsoon come through here Friday afternoon. Lots of wind, tons of rain, even knocked out my power for about 45 minutes. Flooded my back yard in 20 minutes ... yet the grass still looks dead today. Go figure :(



Anonymous said...

First, excuse me for my bad English, I'm French.

I can tell you that Tony has been very "nice" with me too.
But on his latest HYIP, LRXFund SNSAdsClub and he stole many members, and I lost a bunch of dollar.
Tony's technique is to always respond to its members and put us in confidence this way.
I wish you Good luck.

you can tell him that it is because of money "RĂ©aliste" and many others that it is currently paying for its new members.
Get your money fast and I was advised not No recommended HYIP Tony or reinvest it.

blondie said...

First of all, know that I am NOT new here nor am I naive. I've been "playing" these kind of games long before I started blogging about them, which is almost 3 years now.

I understand how these games are run and I don't believe Tony "stole" anything.

If a person playing the game got in early and played it smart, they probably won quite a bit of money.
If they got in late or reinvested everything they made, then they probably lost it all.

You and everyone else who likes to gamble should know that these games don't last forever. These are games and must be played as games.

If you continue to put all the money you made into a slot machine over and over, you will eventually lose.
If you win money, take it out and put some in your pocket, then if you're still feeling lucky, play with some of your profit.

I think Tony's learned a few things from his first programs and mistakes. But that's just my opinion. Time time will tell, right?

Thanks for the post :)