Saturday, August 21, 2010

Traffic Exchange

Added a Traffic Exchange banner here today for EasyHits4U.
It's one of the TE's listed in Team Ca$h Cow (member area) and so far is my favorite. Was easy to register, get my sites and banner loaded, and away I go surfing. It's even fast on dial-up, LOL
Didn't realize this when I posted the banner, but even free members (which I am) can earn a % of credits from their referrals surfing. Now since I am working hard to bring in 500 hits per week to TCC, anybody who joins from my link and surfs will sure help me out.
Thanks a bunch guys :))
PS, this TE has over 300,000 members so your site will be seen!
PPS, they have cool bonuses too:

Congratulations! blondie,
You just won 85 banner impressions!
So there ya go.

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