Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The neighbors who own the Cat that I refer to as "The Freak" are moving out.
Now you've seen the Freak. I posted several pic's of him a few days back.
Anyway, they've been moving their stuff for the last 3 days now, yet the Freak was waiting at my back door at 5 AM just like he always is.
So I'm hoping they saved "the cat" for the last thing that they move. Else it's a big "ruh-roh" as Scooby would say.
I'll keep you posted.


Funds-O-Matic site is still down this morning. Randy did pop into MMG a few times telling us that he was aware of it but not sure what the cause was. Hopefully it'll be an easy fix.
Here's the latest as of 5:45 PM MST:
"Still Nothing new to report. I am still trying to get more information and no one is more aggravated with this then i am.
I will keep posting updates or no updates as i can.


Good News with regards to The Prosperity Game!
Yesterday in our Team Chat Room, Kim had a great idea so we all took a vote on it. What she suggested was rather than using our PIF funds to bring in (and pay for) a NEW person ... instead we buy a New Position for one of our Current Team Members (whose PIF contributions are paid up to date).
Of course that made me notice that my own PIF's were a little behind (oops) so I played catch-up pronto.
This morning she did the drawing for the winner. And the Winner was ... Me! YaY!
Personally I think it was a great idea. No, not just because I won the first spot, but because the Team will actually be helping a Team Member rather than bringing in someone new who doesn't have a clue what we're doing here. Hooray!


You know what?
I was tired of looking at that last dollar I had sitting in Join4aDollar so I upgraded a free member. He didn't ask and I didn't tell him. There was just no point in letting it sit there collecting dust. And it wasn't worth the 'fees' to take it back out. So there you go Jim L. You're upgraded to paid. Hope he notices.


"Note: Our system have been moved to new server. We are working on some technical issues. If you can not login, please check back later."

Chung's NOT coming back ... is he?
Wonder why the site is still up? Hmmm



xox-Missi Mi-xox said...

Heya :-) ..... yeah Chungs full of it .. Ive emailed a couple of times over the months ... funny how once he was a happy friendly being then when it all went pear shaped he talks to me like im somestranger trying to explain to ME why the program went to shit .. and hes blaming the poor advertising from big players in his last reply ...lmao ... Short memory

Fingers x'd they dont forget the freak ... that would just be sad, hes a beautiful looking cat ... Im a bit fond of freaky animals lol...

I hope you are otherwise well. Thinkn of ya


blondie said...

Funny timing on your comment. I was at your blog catching up just a few hours ago :)

Yeah, I give up on Chung and the program. I hope others will "see the light" too.

Well, if they leave "the freak", I might have to adopt him. He sure is lovable and besides being a mouser, he's a good cat.
And you know, us freaks have to stick together, LOL

Hey Missi, I think you may have missed a good post of mine. Check July 8th if you have time. It was a good day!

C'ya kiddo and keep on keepin on!