Friday, August 27, 2010

What a Great Opening Day for Ad2Million :)

Wow! What a great response to my post and Alert yesterday launching the ad2million program!
One of my blogger friends Gord couldn't wait to get his hands on it and actually got his newsletter out before my Alert (Oops, guess I was asleep at the wheel) LOL! Hey it's all good, just teasing ya Gord. (grin)

I'll be back to give you an update in about 3 hours because I'm anxious to see where we're at after the first 24 hours of opening. (And here's another beautiful banner created by Miss Hula).

OK, I did check just after 11 AM my time (which is when we launched this yesterday) AND I saw 100 members! Whoo Hoooooo!!! Checking again at 3 PM, we're up to 108 now. Very very good :)


I do want to explain this to you since some folks are a little confused on the cycling process. The question that came up was "if I cycle 35 times at .20 cents each, then do I only make $7.00?"

Here's how I responded:

Your $10 spend cycles 35 positions, not necessarily your own.
My $10 spend will cycle 35 positions also, not necessarily my own.

When someone buys a $10 spot, 35 positions are cycled.

Let's say for example there are a total of 200 positions in the program.
Your $10 spend might cycle number 1 through 35.
Then my $10 spend might cycle number 36 - 70. Then 71 - 105 and so on.
(it's not done in order like that, but gives you an idea of what I'm saying)

Your $10 spend will never expire.
For as long as the game goes on, you will continue to earn .20 cents each time you cycle.
Could be once a day, 3 times a day, or skip a day.
All depends on how many positions are purchased or re-purchased each day.

Was that clear at all? Or clear as mud? laugh.gif


One last note about ad2million that shows what kind of people I associate with here.

Pete of Team Ca$h Cow joined and is going to put the referral commission he makes into our bonus pool at TCC. How cool is that?

Also, Gord mentioned helping with the PIF funds at Grand Bank Clubs' Easy 40 Plan with his earnings from this program.

Are these guys the best or what?
Luv You Guys !!!


Where does the time go?
I'll update on everything else tomorrow, OK?
Just been busy here the last 2 days with this launch.


Hey phonnix14 ... saw your post in MMG.
I'm way ahead a ya, sort of.

As soon as Gord posted the comment,
I went and found this pic.

And I DO love the
"Quick Draw McGord" you clever girl. :)



Gord said...

Hi Judy,

I was quick on the

Turns out it was an excellent move...thanks for introducing Ad2Million to us


blondie said...

Hey you're very welcome :)

And yes, you WERE quick on the draw, LOL

I'll do more updates on it later today.

C'ya (wave)

Pete said...

I'm liking the banners! Going to "borrow" them to post on my blog later today. Thanks for the heads up on this one... ;-)

blondie said...

I like the banners too.
Hula said use them freely until something more professional comes along. Works for me ;)

And Thanks for joining Pete.
Hope you do well with your promotions too!

Anonymous said...

Wowser! Am I seeing this right? Is this a very similar blast from the past? Hi Judy, Martyn here. If this is what I think it is, without naming names. I was doing just fine until the admin changed the rules and it all fell apart. Now I'm between a rock and a hard place, do I or don't I? Help!!

blondie said...

Hey Martyn, HI !!

Yes, it IS what you think it is, LOL

New Admin says No Rule Changes.
Trust me, we discussed that before I agreed to launch it.
She wants this one to be bigger and better!

But if you're worried, start small and watch.
Time will tell, right?