Thursday, August 26, 2010

You Either Loved It, Hated It, Or Both

and it was definitely a money maker in it's prime!

History first:

I was contacted about this program last Sunday from the Admin who used to run it. This was a program that ran for years and for the most part, worked fine and paid out good too, LOL

His web hosting company moved the server which resulted in all the current scripts getting screwed up beyond repair (which included losing all member information). So without being able to recreate the past 3+ years of information (which would have been impossible), the Admin sold a copy of the scripts to a gal named Carrie. She has since managed to get it working and has made quite a few improvements too.

Since I was the first person to be notified of the New Program using that old script, I was anxious to test it out. So off I go to sign-up, take a look and see what's going on.

Once logged into my member area, I realized nothing worked yet. So one by one I've been checking, doing, testing, and reporting to Carrie who has been fixing or activating features as we go along.

The most important feature of this program is the "Cycler", and if the cycler don't work, ain't nobody happy, LOL Plus there's nothing to promote or share with others. Am I right?

So the Final Test was the Cycler. I decided once I see it "In Action", if it's as good as it used to be, WE could do very well here.

The first time I was in this (similar) program (and you may recognize the script when you see it), I made a few thousand dollars at least. And one of my blogger friends made over 10K as I recall.

When the original version launched in 2006, I only had a small group of friends on the net and started the thread at a couple of forums. But I did not have this blog yet so I can't contribute any of my earnings to blogging. Well, not for the first year at least. OK?

So you ready? is the name of the game.

Now if you've been around here for awhile, you'll recognize the script. But you gotta remember, this is a new Admin with a back to basics plan, starting fresh here from day one.

- Advertising / Cycler is $10 per position (plus a small fee) and currently accepts Alert Pay only. Other pay processors are being considered as we speak.

- No Sponsoring Required to cycle but you will receive $1 for each of your direct referrals $10 new spend. You'll also receive .20 cents on each of their re-purchases made directly from the members area.

- Each $10 spend that is made will cycle 35 positions at .20 cents each.

- Cycling will be done once daily, probably in the evening EST.

- In your member area, be careful with this line:
Auto re-purchase is On turn auto repurchase Off
Once it's set to On, it's ON for a WEEK. So don't play with it like I did unless you're serious about it (oops).

- Once logged into the Member Area, the "Support Ticket" function does work. I've already tested it 6 times, lol

- There are a few functions that the Admin is still doing manually. So give her time to make any changes before jumping on the support ticket.

- Oh and the Testimonial Link doesn't work properly yet either. But you know, there was no reason for me to test that out before today, LOL


Carrie the New Admin seems very responsive and eager to please. I've been chatting with her for a few days now while she's been fixing and changing the script as needed.

And I think it's ready now :)

Of course comments are welcome if you have any further questions, since I don't always remember to cover everything the first time around. I'll be here all day today.

Oh and if anybody is good with making Banners, we could use some. Thanks :)
*** Here's one just created by the talented Miss "Hula".

PS: almost 7 PM EST now and we have 50 Members!
Hello? That's 50 members in about 6 hours.

Also I just used the re-purchase option ... worked like a charm.
Thanks to all who are helping to promote this :)



naphtali said...

Alright lets giver a spin! I'm in!

blondie said...

Good Idea.
Member count is climbing fast!

Anonymous said...

I'm in as well.

blondie said...

Well Thank You too Anonymous :P

danish said...

Yep, I'm in there too. Original program was one the few I made a decent profit in. Hope this goes as well as the first.

blondie said...

Dave, so glad to see you here.
I know you have a LOT of connections!
Good Luck to you and all of us :)

Anonymous said...

On board as well.

I'm number 73, i think.

Bought a couple of positions already and waiting for my purchase to be verified.

Crossing my fingers on this one. :)


blondie said...

Hi and thanks for joining :)

Well I know the Admin has to sleep and I believe she's on EST so you should see your purchase posted soon if not already.

We sure kept her busy yesterday, didn't we? LOL
Thanks for the note.

bhoori said...

What happened to 10dollarswonder?