Monday, July 12, 2010

Olivia Rae Morrison

Here she is again, my new Grand Daughter:
Olivia Rae Morrison
Pretty name for a pretty girl.
Of course that's Mom and Dad in the pic with her which I snapped on Thursday.
Welcome to this world Olivia.
Love and Kisses xoxoxo



On the business side, I thought I had lots to write about but find myself scratching my head now. Wait, let me think.


Oh yeah ... it's my Monday pay day from Funds-O-Matic. Just requested and will receive soon. **
For some reason I thought I read that there was a Maximum number of investments per account of 10. But when someone called me on it, I couldn't find where I read that information. So was I wrong? LOL Guess so.
** Got paid while I slept on Monday night. Thanks Randy and members!


Was surprised to receive a $1.50 RC from HYIFunds a few days ago. I did have quite a good number of referrals in there but after they closed, wiped out everybody's accounts, and re-opened ... I thought for sure no one would put fresh money in. Guess I was wrong (again).
(ps, No I'm not promoting it. Just sayin.)


RockSolidFunds ... what in the heck is going on with them?
Actually read some news in Gord's newsletter a couple of days ago, and here are his thoughts:

On the negative side...I questioned the former Admin Tony on his thoughts about the future of RockSolidFund which I figured on the day Tony left the helm as Admin, it was dead in the water.

He replied that of 3 candidates applying for the job.. 2 dropped out and one is still being considered but as far as he is concerned... it's not looking good.

Anyway...when you think about the chaps or chap behind Rock could easily log in to the Admin panel and dish out payments, etc but I know how these things work and obviously... the money is not there.

To wrap up...a situation like RockSolidFund really irks me although I am not an emotional guy, mainly because of the people who joined the program and didn't get into profit.

Gotta agree with you there Gord. Of course I kick myself in the behind when something like this falls apart on me, but knowing others who also trusted it, and are not in profit, hurts twice as much. Dang.



Randy V said...

Great picture Grandma!!!!! I love the name. She sure is blessed with great parents and a super Grandma. You need to start making a list of ways you can spoil her.

Do they live close to you? It sure makes it nice to be close.

Love every minute with her.

blondie said...

Hi Randy,
Oh I'm sure I can find ways to spoil her. Hopefully without getting in the dog house with the parents, LOL
They DO live close to me. About a 10 minute drive. Thank goodness for that eh?
I'm sure lots more pics will be follow.
Take care :)

HermitJim said...

What a great and wonderful blessing to your extended family!

Beautiful little rascal, but then, she comes from good stock!

I'm sure that "granny" will find many ways to spoil her!

Congratulations to the whole family! Thanks for the pictures, Grandma!

blondie said...

Oh Thanks Jim :)

Saw you had some nice pics in your blog also while your lady friend was visiting. I'm sure you two had a great time.

And yes, I'm sure Olivia will be spoiled, hehe

Later (wave)