Saturday, July 17, 2010

How Hot Is It???

Supposed to be 97 F here today (again), but I heard Little Rock, Arkansas will climb to 108 F (that's 42 Celsius right?)
Looks like this dog's got the right idea!


You know, if you're a StrictPay customer then you probably received their email about their 'banking situation'.
My understanding is that any money in your account today cannot be withdrawn. The only way to w/d money from SP is to set-up your new 'sub' account, fund it (with fresh funds), use it, then the money you have in that 2nd account can be taken out.
What a bunch of crap!
I did have money in there that I requested out on May 30th. Of course I was NOT one of the lucky few who received their funds.
So I guess I should just kiss that money good-bye (unless a miracle happens).
I did notice today that my "pending" withdraw was reversed and the funds are back in my Sub-Account .. meaning I can spend it freely but I can't withdraw any of it :( Did someone say "Monopoly Money?" LOL
So what now? We sit and wait? Guess so cause there's no way in hell I'm putting new funds into their pay processor.


Yes I recently joined Cherry Shares, as you see the new banner here. I don't have the funds to put into it quite yet, but hope I will in a month or so. Feel free to take a look around.


Team Ca$h Cow members: chop chop! Get that survey in Today!

Just a quick reminder today is the last day to give me some of your input on the future of your program. If you did not get the link to the short multiple choice survey, *me: let me know and I'll send it to you*
Thanks again.
TCC Admin"


Just realized I haven't mentioned Funds-O-Matic today. Maybe because everything is working as it should be, payouts are going out pronto, and membership has grown to the tune of about 100 new members daily since it started. Well what else can I say? Am pleased as punch with it.


Almost forgot to say something about ...

"Note: Our system have been moved to new server. We are working on some technical issues. If you can not login, please check back later."
And this has been down for how long now? (roll eyes)


Yes I've posted this song before but it's been a while.
Thought maybe if you were new to my blog, you'd enjoy it.
Or even if you've heard it before, it's still a cool song.


Randy V said...

Hey Judy;

It didn't get quite that hot here in Little Rock today. Temperature is only 94 but feels like 111. Good day to spend indoors watching the British Open....which I am doing.

Stay cool!

blondie said...

Well if I could find a room that is cool, I'd be in it. I suppose the room with the TV is my best bet. So I'll be joining you watching the golf tournament in a few.
Later :)