Friday, July 23, 2010

No Magic Wand Needed

There seems to be a "tricky" part when adding funds to Join4aDollar so let me explain.
- Once you join and log into your account, click on E-Wallet (link at the top).
- First box says "Add Funds to Wallet".
- Enter the amount you want to Add (1.00) and select the pay processor you wish to use.
- Then click on "Add Funds"
- The next page will look the same as the last page, EXCEPT there should be a banner at the top (for Alert Pay for instance) saying "Click Here to Pay".
- Clicking on that will take you to AP where you can make your deposit to your wallet.
- Once it's in your wallet, then you go back to the member area and "Upgrade".
Hocus Pocus Done!



Randy V said...

Sounds complicated for a simple process. Wasn't it P2P that we had to do that...add to an ewallet. Wow...that brings back bad memories.

Hope you day is good...Sure is hot here!!

blondie said...

No not complicated. But if you don't see the banner, it makes life difficult.

Don't recall P2P doing the wallet thing but I can tell you, I've been in tons of programs where you had to fund your wallet first then do your business from there.
Ah well .. life goes on.

Hot here too! eck!