Thursday, July 1, 2010


Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends out there.

Our own 4th of July - Independence Day is right around the corner.

Happy Birthday to me yesterday.
You know, when you've had as many birthdays as I have, not really something I look forward to anymore, lol

Thanks Dave & Jess for the nice dinner last night.
Good Italian food, wine, ice cream dessert (with candles) and especially Good Company.
Love you guys! xoxo


NEWS from The Prosperity Game yesterday:

Well, today we reached an important milestone! We now have 100 positions in the K game! We have achieved this goal well within one year! We have been a team since November of 2009 and here we are in the Summer of 2010 with 100 positions strong! I realize that most of our members are not around during the day so I am sending this to all of you so everyone can celebrate!

So, today has been very exciting indeed! Lets just keep on doing what we do as a team and we will reach our goals for all our members! We are now starting to push our groups off their boards! We are working with 2 other teams one of which consists of international people! Great things to come for us all!"

Thanks for the update Team :)


Team Ca$h Cow's admin Pete is on a mini holiday until Friday, so any new members that come in will have to wait until he returns to get their Traffic Rascal sign up link. Not a big deal, right? And we are still Stampeding over at Electrifying Hits this week getting more exposure.
PS, he's added more videos to the site. He even "Mooooo's" in one of them. Funny guy.


Funds-O-Matic is growing at a nice steady pace. Don't know how many are 'free' members compared to Active and paid. Nonetheless, it's a long term program and should continue growing for months and months. Remember this is not one of those "hurry and get in" HYIP's since it was built for longevity, not the quick buck, ok? Hope to see more of you there as time goes by.


Doing Your Part
... an excellent post by Gwen of Gwen's Profit Hub. Have a read, give it some thought and ... well ... see what you think.



Profit Hub said...

Thanks for the honorable mention Blondie. I appreciate that!

Myrna said...

Blondie - thanks for wishing Canada a happy birthday...
Now altho it is just the 3rd - want to wish all of you celebrating this weekend -July 4th - a fun and safe time.

blondie said...

You're very welcome Gwen.
Could be an eye opener for some.

TY Myrna,
Am in the process of making potato salad for tomorrow's BBQ.

Enjoy your weekend :)

Profit Hub said...

Happy belated birthday Blondie! You let that one almost slip by me, LOL I hope it was a great one!

blondie said...

Thanks Gwen,
Yes it was a fun night :)