Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In The News

Received an email from Randy at Funds-O-Matic a little while ago. He wanted to share with us a few sites that have done a Review of his program. If you're in the mood for a good (but very long) read, check out what Paul at Money News Online has to say. But Please DO come back here to join if you haven't yet. You know the drill. Thank ya much :)


Anxious to hear what our new stampede for the week will be at Team Ca$h Cow. If you're already a member, then you know what I'm talkin about. Hope Pete picks a good one that we can all blast. Oh that reminds me ... have you seen Pete yet? He's in the Video on our Cow site.


Oh yeah, our Colorado Water Burns.
Saw it on the news last night and someone sent me a video about it too. I'll try to find it and show you what I'm talking about. Has something to do with Natural Gas coming through our Water Lines. Scary stuff for sure.

OK here it is.
the creepy video. Yikes!


Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Monday

Funds-o-Matic got off to a really good start a few days ago. Wish I had put more thought into which plan to choose. My next investment will be in the weekly plan, not daily. You do earn a little more even though you can only withdraw weekly.
This is a long term program so no need to take money out so often, right?
One of the cool things here is a "Chat Box" on the front page. I read that poor Randy (the Admin) is getting slammed by Monitor emails, so if you need to contact him quickly about something, the Chat Box would be your best bet. Thumbs up :)

PS, just requested some RC and was paid almost instantly. And I did make a new purchase in the Weekly Plan while I was there. Thanks Members!

PPS, when you click on the link from my blog to join, should say you're joining under member #31. If it doesn't, clear you cookies and try again please. Also means someone is trying to steal my referrals ... again :( Thanks

PPPS, (lol) Remember Free members can earn a Referral Commission also. So if you need to build your pay processor account to $5 so that you can purchase and be an "active" member, shouldn't be too hard IF you know a few folks who like to invest in these types of programs. Good Luck :)


Team Ca$h Cow is alive and well and producing Grade A Milk! And do I see a Video there? Holy Cow ... I need to reboot to get a better connection so I can load it up. Back in a bit.
**OK loaded up good. Cute little Video. Even got a glimpse of Pete in there. You guys might want to check it out and reconsider joining if you haven't yet. Remember, we're not goin anywhere, this is OUR Team. Mine, Yours, Ours. OK?


While that's loading, I need to go fix a running toilet. Then if I feel really ambitious today, might re-caulk the bathtub too. Or not.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Finally, a computer error message that I can understand.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Long Term HYIP

There is a New Long Term HYIP on the block.

Funds-O-Matic launched last night and I received an email about it this morning. This one is being run by a guy named Randy who from what I hear, had a successful run (for a year?) with his surf site that no one lost money in. (Makes me feel good just knowing that :)

No banner available yet but I'll post one on the side as soon as there is. (9:30 PM, just got the banner posted.)

Here's the gist of the program and I just bought into the "daily" plan to see how it works.

Dedicated Server
Offsite Backups
HardCopy Data Backup
Offline investments
SSL Certificate Verification

The Plans:

Daily (Calendar days)
Plan Spent Amount (US$) Daily Profit (%)
Plan 1 $5 - $150 0.80
Plan 2 $151 - $500 1.00
Plan 3 $501 - $1,000 1.50
Plan 4 $1,001 - $5,000 1.70
Plan 5 $5,001 - $15,000 1.80
1 Unit = $1.00 :: Cashout term = Daily
All Daily Plans last 200 days.

Plan Spent Amount (US$) Weekly Profit (%)
Plan 6 $5 - $150 7.00
Plan 7 $151 - $500 8.40
Plan 8 $501 - $1,000 11.20
Plan 9 $1,001 - $5,000 12.60
Plan 10 $5,001 - $15,000 14.00
1 Unit = $1.00 :: Cashout term = Daily (me: I don't think the 'daily' is correct on that one, so will probably be fixed later)
All Weekly Plans last for 26 weeks

What referral commissions are offered?

Free Members earn a 2% referral commission.
invested members earn 6% referral commission.

Upgrades are added automatically for Alert Pay, Strict pay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and GlobalDigitalPay. They have no plans to add any other processors.

And I did notice the server time is 8 hours ahead of me so 6 hours ahead of EST.

Now, if you look for the FAQs, look BEFORE you sign-up. I made that mistake ... signed up first then couldn't find it. LOL

All the info is straight forward from what I've just read and I like it! As always, spend only what you can afford to lose (just in case 'u-no-what' happens). But if membership keeps growing at a steady pace, we could be in for a nice long run here. Heck this just opened and I'm member #31.
Which reminds me, if you do join from my link, please be sure you're joining under #31. Appreciated :))


Friday, June 25, 2010

OK Let's Chat

Today is "Take Your Dog to Work Day" here in the U.S.

I suppose if I worked outside the home, I'd have to borrow one of my grand doggies, Lou Dog or Jake, or both.

I wonder if they went to work today with the kids? I'll have to ask.


Got an email Ad today from Gregg Walmuller promoting a new program. When I went to the link to check it out, for the life of me I couldn't figure out how it worked or how you could make money from it. I wrote him back but no response yet. Oh and it was called: "FreePayDayAdvances".
Now, doesn't that name sound familiar? Almost like the 'other one' we all lost $50 in? Well this one is $50 also so I'm wondering if it's the same but different crap? Yes I said crap. LOL


If my Dad and Step Mom were still alive, today would be their 33rd Wedding Anniversary.

If the Father of my child were still alive, today would be his Birthday. Happy Birthday Dave!

Carly Simon IS still alive and today is her Birthday also.
Found this video from 1987. Look at Letterman! (giggle)

One more OK? It's a rough day for me. Thanks

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ohh The Altitude Seems To Get To Me

You know, when I first moved to Colorado I used to blame everything on the altitude. Any dumb thing that I did or said or caused to happen ... "must be the altitude".
Now you realize Denver is a Mile High and the altitude really does affect certain things. It's harder to breathe up here if you're not used to it, as there is less oxygen than at "sea level". Now that might explain a lot of things. You know, the lack of oxygen to my brain? Others call them "brain farts" ... but I still blame it on the altitude.

And for those who have trouble understanding the lyrics:

I'm up on the tightwire
one side's ice and one is fire
its a circus game with you and me
I'm up on the tightrope
one side's hate and one is hope
but the tophat on my head is all you see
And the wire seems to be
the only place for me
a comedy of errors
and I'm falling

Like a rubber-neck giraffe
you look into my past
well maybe you're just to blind to - see
I'm up in the spotlight
ohh does it feel right
ohh the altitude
seems to get to me

I'm up on the tightwire
flanked by life and the funeral pyre
putting on a show
for you to see

Like a rubber-neck giraffe
you look into my past
well maybe you're just too blind to - see
I'm up in the spotlight
ohh does it feel right
ohh the altitude
really gets to me

I'm up on the tight wire
flanked by life and the funeral pyre
putting on a show for you to see


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Don't Forget About This... plus Wednesday

If you all follow John's blog at 9planetreviews.com, you should have noticed he's been talking about this for quite some time now. Above is a banner he just created for it and it links to his email address to get more info.
If by chance the link doesn't work, email him at: healthcard@aweber.com to receive an automated response.
I registered a long time ago but am not a Sponsor, so do get with him if you'd like to find out more.

Hey if this thing really does come through ... it'll sure take a weight off of my shoulders. How about you?


Here's something of interest.
Opened my Credit Card bill and actually read it. Don't think I noticed this before but thought it was worth sharing.

They showed me how long it would take to pay off my CC debt, doing one or the other:

On a Balance of about $3,000.00 (at 7.9% interest)
If I make the minimum monthly payment only (currently $49), it will take 17 years to pay off the debt.
BUT if I make a monthly payment of $95, it will take 36 months to pay it off and will save $1,329 in interest.
Can you believe it?!?


Wed: I'm too lazy to start a new post so I'll just continue here.

Wanted to mention Rock Solid Fund. Tony is still keeping an eye on the program even though he's resigned from the Admin spot. He said they are close to appointing a new Admin, also waiting for funds to come in or get moved or something like that while pending payments are now over $1500 and rising. And what was that about paying those NOT in profit first? Boy I dunno. That sure doesn't sound good with regards to the life of the program, does it?
If you're there, and not in profit, I sure do hope you get your funds back, and quickly.


Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day of Summer... and it's HOT!

While trying to beat the heat and stay inside ... (no I don't have AC but at least there's no hot sun in the house), I've just added a new Banner on the right and will tell you why :)

Neil Marsh who owns Electrifying Hits (Traffic Exchange) also happens to be a member of Team Ca$h Cow. He was nice enough to offer EH members a Free 6 Month Upgrade IF they join Team Ca$h Cow while surfing. Now this offer is only good for the first 10 members who join Ca$h Cow & Traffic Rascal.

If you're already a free member of EH and you see the Ca$h Cow banners, website or splash pages ... today would be a good day to join our Team and get Neil's Promo.

If you're not a member of EH yet, go ahead and join for free, then start your surfing. When you see Team Ca$h Cow go by, open it up and take a gander.

Oh and Neil's offer is worth almost $60, whereas joining Team Ca$h Cow is $5 for life, then another $10 at Traffic Rascal, and that's it. No more out of pocket money needs to be spent. Cool :)

Sure is nice to have such helpful members on our Team.
Thanks a bunch Neil ;)


6 Month Free Lightning Strike Upgrades for 10 Members

Sound to good to be true, well it isn't but there is a small catch...

This week a team from Team Ca$h Cow is using EH to help boost their exposure and get more team members, which I am one of.

So I thought I would help out a little...you will see whilst surfing some splash pages or banners of Team Ca$h Cow, if you click on one of them and sign up to the program, which by the way is a small one off fee,
I will then give you a top 6 month LS upgrade on the house, that is worth $9.97 x 6 = $59.82 and believe me the program will cost you alot less than that.....

So all you need to do is go fine the splash pages or banners whilst surfing at EH, sign up...and then claim your 6 month upgrade...how easy is that.

Last thing I can not give this to everyone so I will limit it to the first 10 takers.....good luck and hurry as other members may be searching for the links already..

Oh by the way this is a team program where we all promote together,which in turn mean we help you get referrals, just like I am doing now for the team.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the Father's out there.

It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it!

Hope you look better than Homer does at the end of your day today :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Longest Weekend of the Year

This is the longest weekend of the year with regards to Daylight. We will have 15 hours of daylight today and tomorrow. Then once summer starts on Monday, the days will be getting shorter again.
So those of you who like to sleep more than 9 hours a night, better have some good curtains, drapes or blinds to block the sun while you snooze.


Are dreams always in black and white?


I downloaded a new browser the other day, Google Chrome in order to surf at some traffic exchange sites. Seems to work better than FireFox for surfing, but it wouldn't download my blog completely. No biggie and it's a pretty nice browser if you haven't tried it yet.


Speaking of surfing Traffic Exchange sites, I've been doing it for our "Weekly Traffic Stampede" at Team Ca$h Cow. The more exposure we get, the better. So every week we (as a team) stampede one particular TE site.
For the next week we'll be kickin butt at a site that is owned by one of our own Team Members, Neil. Also on our Team is Chris (MLMDivas) and of course some of your favorite bloggers. Every member is equally important in our team and Pete has built us a really big barn, so there's always room to Join The Herd!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Good News From the Cow

Just posted this in a couple of forums, so thought I'd put it here too.

Good News ... I Got Paid !!! clapping7.gif

Date: June 17, 2010 8:23:46 PM
Amount Sent: $14.00 USD
Sender Name: Downline1Network
Sender Email: willthe5th@gmail.com
Message: Commissions TrafficRascal

And the sequence of events was ...

My 3rd ref in Ca$h Cow (and TR) got his 3rd ref, (due to
team work if I may add),
which enabled him to upgrade to Level 2 in Traffic Rascal.
He was my 3rd person to get to Level 2 sooooooo that
meant I now qualified to upgrade to Level 3 (all from profit)
and had money left over to Cash Out! thumbup(1).gif

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Show Me The List, LOL

You know how they say "The Money is in the List" ... well that could be true. I've worked very hard over the last few years building my "List" and although I have quite a few folks who joined my "Alert List" (link on the right), I know there are a lot who haven't. Those who haven't visit me here and read my blog and decide to join a program or two based on my review of it.

I recently got to thinking about my Direct Referrals in other programs who were not on my Alert List. So off I went in search of them.

Programs that are still running and actually show your referrals were pretty easy to grab. But HYIFund for instance, shows 'how many' referrals you have but doesn't give any detail. So I wrote to them Twice so far asking for my List. NO Response yet (even though others have gotten one).

The program where I got the most referrals EVER was Deep Cycler. I wrote to the Admin (you may know who he is) trying to get my List of 125 out of there. After my first request, said he would try (since the site is offline now). Never heard back so sent a reminder which was answered with a disappointing "I'm sorry
judy but I don't have any way of opening the back up."

Now I imagine I gave up the "rights" to my list when I joined that program. That must have been in the fine print somewhere in the Terms (you would think). And I'm sure those 125 referrals came in handy (for someone else) when they were sent promotional emails for other things to join.

But really, is that the proper way to build your own list? Seeing others work hard to get them, one by one, so that you can find a way to grab their list and market to them yourself? Wow. Maybe I'm just too old school and 'set in my way' to comprehend how sneaky things can be done here on the 'net.

And I have no hard feelings. Actually I have no feelings about it at all, anymore. What's done is done and cannot be changed. It was me who made the mistake by not seeing their hidden agenda. But I do remember learning this as a young child: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you Matthew 7-120 So whether you're religious or not, doesn't matter. I think we all understand.


Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

After 15 or 16 years of enjoying Home Delivery of Milk and Dairy Products (the good old fashioned way, in glass bottles delivered weekly to my doorstep), I finally bit the bullet and sent them an email to Cancel my account. Didn't even have the courage to call them.
Their price is high (it's very fresh milk though) and since the cost of gasoline went out of control, they charge me 1$ weekly delivery fee also. Well, it's just me drinking the milk these days and I don't order much, plus my pocket book was telling me it was time to say Good-Bye. Feels really sad though, and I'm gonna miss seeing that "Cow Cooler" sitting on my front porch. Moooooo :(

Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Cow Is Getting Fatter

Pete wrote a very good article in his blog yesterday which hits close to home, and you can find it here.
He also explains in more detail what's happening in Rock Solid Fund. So if you're a member there also, do read up, ok?

Yesterday in Team Ca$h Cow we had another new member join, and he joined under John (thanks Bill), so John received $1 referral commission, plus got paid $5 in Traffic Rascal. The new member also raised our "Cash Corral" fund to $10 so Pete bought a new Team Spot under the next in line, which happened to be John also. Now JS will have enough funds in TR to upgrade to the next level using only money earned.

See, that's what we mean about $15 one time out of pocket. Everything else you use to upgrade with (and cash out) is from earned funds. Bingo :))


Jimmy Dean
1928 - 2010

I've enjoyed his music and I've enjoyed his sausage. (no pun intended).
RIP Jimmy Dean

Sunday, June 13, 2010

What to do .. what to do

Feeling really sad this morning after reading my good friend John's blog. I know a lot of us are in the same boat as he is. And with the slow summer season of online programs right around the corner... there's not much to look forward to. Plus the fact that he's been very meticulous about what he joins and promotes these days. And so have I. Only scammers promote scams, and that's pretty much the way it is. Unfortunately, they're the only ones making money when times get tough. So what do we do now?


Team Ca$h Cow is doing fine as we build our Team. Pete (the Admin) continues to modify the program as we (the Team) see fit. All for the better of course.
Now John is a member, but he's not mentioned it much in his blog. So the link above in red is his link, not mine. If you were thinking of joining us anyway ... today would be a good day to do that, OK?
In our Team chat yesterday, Pete said he was toying with the idea of adding a short video to the site to say Hello and explain to folks how our team works. We all thought it was a great idea! Can't wait to see Pete up close and personal talking about The Cow, LOL


Received an email from Tony saying that he has stepped down from being the Admin of Rock Solid Fund. The note was a little vague as to what exactly will happen now. They'll either appoint a new Admin or what? Continue payouts until it's gone? See what I mean? Don't think the note was real clear and I even read it twice.


Enough with the serious stuff already. Sheesh!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

As you slide down the banister of life, may

The splinters never point the wrong way...

Be who you are and say what you feel...
because those that matter... don't mind...
and those that mind... don't matter!


Friday, June 11, 2010

Glad I Could Help

Two Animal Control trucks pulled up to the house across the street from me. I watched as they took 2 baby skunks out of the window well. Window wells are deep and skunks don't jump.

Don't know how long they had been stuck there, and apparently one of them was in really bad shape and they had to 'put him down'. But the other one seemed OK so they cleaned him up a little and started looking for a place to release him.

Seeing that, I stepped outside and told them they could go through my backyard to the farm behind my house. Skunks are always around here so there was no reason why they couldn't cut a corner and relocate him in the field behind me.

So I watched where they placed him, came inside for about 10 minutes, then went back outside to check on him and ... he was no where to be found! YaY!

So I guess that was my good deed for the day.
I feel good now and I'm glad I was there to help out the little guy.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

You've Got a Friend

Want to share with you a forum post (and skype team chat) that I just read this morning from Pete of Team Ca$h Cow. You and I both know programs and Admins come and go (along with our money sometimes), but we're not going anywhere. We're just a friendly group working on growing a team so that we can all profit from it over time.

[6/9/2010 8:39:06 PM] TeamCa$hCow(Pete):
"Big Welcome to Becky our latest "Herd" Member
Blondie was the referrer of Becky - so she gets paid $1 from me - but gives the sponsorship to Gerry as she has 3 already.
Becky pushes Gerry up to Level 2 - and he gets paid in Traffic Rascal.
As Gerry uses "profit" money to upgrade to Level 2 - that means Gord gets paid too.
Cool how 1 person joining us can allow 3 team members to get paid.
That's the power of team work folks...."

Yes it is very cool how it works, Thanks Pete :)
So if you join and don't understand something, you can always ask Pete, myself, your sponsor or post your question in our Skype chat or in one of the forums we're monitoring. You will get an answer. Guaranteed!


Today should be the last HOT day for awhile. Going to hit 95F by this afternoon. I should mow the backyard lawn but ... ahhhh this heat is killin me here, LOL


Last night on the PBS station was James Taylor and Carole King from a 2007 Concert that was taped. Funny how it's been 40 years since they recorded their songs, yet their voices have not changed. Neither one of them. They both looked different of course. James Taylor lost all his hair and Carole looks older too, but don't we all? I was just surprised at their sound after all these years. They sounded great!


PS, got some really good comments in my June 9th post.
Nice to know I'm not the only one who sees that person for what he really is.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do Not Join

Now I don't tell you that very often, but I am today.

Was told of a new gifting program and the link is: Continetics.com
But the email I received after requesting more info came from: Massive Leverage
OK, harmless so far UNTIL I found out the person running it was Tai Sheppard.

Well, Tai's "Social Tide" bombed, did it not?
And his "List-Zilla" (a-hem) is a bomb also.
So would anyone consider joining a gifting program that he's in charge of, that starts at $100.00? Not me, that's for sure.

Without going into detail, I can tell you that I was REMOVED from List-Zilla merely because I asked for a refund of the "pro-manager" portion ($9.99) because it never got off the ground, (valid reason) and he offered a 30 day double your money back guarantee.

Apparently Tai's ego couldn't handle me asking for a refund, (which I did politely), so he deleted my account in it's entirety ... even after I told him he made a mistake.

Talk about an arrogant self centered Admin who prides himself (constantly) yet refuses to "dumb things down" for those learning the business. Like if we don't understand his lingo, we don't belong here.

Anyway, I did NOT get a "double" refund (as promised on the site), nor did I get an apology for removing me due to his temper tantrum.

So do I believe in anything that he does now?
Nope, and I wouldn't touch his stuff with a 10 foot pole.


Received my last Liberty Reserve payment from Rock Solid Fund just now. That is my first 30 day spot completed. I have another running, but it's through Alert Pay. So far so good - but be careful. Tony said the LR funds are low and he's hoping there won't be any (or many) hit n runners. OK?


Got another member into Team Ca$h Cow today. YaY! One more needed before Pete has enough to buy a filler spot to help us all out. Hopefully you've been following me on this and know what I'm saying. Cause it's too hot here right now to keep talking. LOL


Monday, June 7, 2010

Duct Tape to the Rescue

I have this forked hoe that recently broke.
(looks like this but the fork part is more curvy)

The metal fork broke away from the handle (rotten wood).

Checked around for something to "glue" it back in, but no luck.

After eyeballing it, I decided it just needed to be in there a little tighter. So out comes the Duct Tape.

Wrapped a small price around the metal part where it inserts into the wood. Banged it in a few times and hey ...it's stuck in there good now!! Off to hoeing I go! LOL


So after reading my words above, hope I don't get any Adult seekers here to my blog. Naw, it's all "G" rated. Just depends where your mind's at.


Got Paid yesterday from Rock Solid Fund. So I'm officially in profit now! YaY! Although I may spend a little more tomorrow early. I like doing it early since it credits your earnings the same time you bought, each day. And I'm normally an early bird here.


Someone wrote to me this morning saying they were thinking of joining Team Ca$h Cow, since it seems to still be going.
Of course it's still going. It's a Team Build and we're just getting started!

Guaranteed, you guys are gonna join stuff over the summer that lasts a day, a week or maybe even a month (if you're really lucky that is), but the Cow will still be here when you get back, lol.

And as long as we continue to grow, and find programs to keep us busy (like Traffic Rascal is doing now), I can't see any reason why this would ever go away. It's not your typical get in, make money, get out program. It's a Team Build for gosh sakes ... and a great team build at that!

We just started a new Stampede this morning over at another Traffic Exchange site. Got a couple new members over the weekend and two more will give Pete enough $ to purchase another "team" position under the next-in-line person.
So if you're not in our team yet, why not??
What are you waiting for, Christmas?


Wonder if I'm spending too much time outside?
Feels like I got Ants in my Pants.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Going to be a hot sunny day here.

Way too hot for my liking.

Ummmm what to do today?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

What? Two in a Row!

Yes it's true! Today is my good friend Gord's Birthday :)
Now Gord lives waaay up there in the boondocks of Canada where the deer and the antelope play. He even tells stories of Moose running wild on the streets of Nova Scotia!
Well I couldn't find a Moose singing Happy Birthday, so he'll just have to settle for a giant Mouse! Close enough eh? LOL

Happy Birthday Gord !!!
Hope you have a great day and don't eat too much Cake!


OK, back to biz.

Tony of RockSolidFund is traveling today and will not be doing any payouts until late tomorrow when he returns home. That's just fine and I'm glad he got in some well deserved R&R.


Got a couple of new members in Team Ca$h Cow. YaY! Two more needed then Pete will have enough money to purchase another filler position, which is a great idea by the way. Read my June 3rd post if you don't know what I'm talking about.


I spent 12 hours with the Granddoggies yesterday, and they're coming back this afternoon. They were really good and I only had to yell at the little one once for digging in my garden. Can't stay mad at those slobbery faces very long, ya know?

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."


Friday, June 4, 2010

Big Day Today ...

Today is my good friend John's Birthday.
Now you may know him as John, or js, or micronuts, or johnski, or kookoo, or that 9PlanetReview guy. I've just known him as my wacky Canadian friend for many years now.

Sure we've had our ups and downs like all friends do, but for some strange reason, we always end up forgiving and staying friends. And I suppose it's because, that's the way it should be.

So without further ado, here's a scratchy old record for a scratchy old guy!
Happy Birthday John!
Now turn around and count those flowers, har!

PS, thanks to Hermit Jim who first posted this song for John 2 years ago. I thought it was funny as hell and for some reason, it just stuck with me as John's Theme Song. I mean seriously ... look at that wall paper! hahaha


Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Rewards for Cow Members

Effective yesterday, Pete is now offering members 1$ for each Direct Referral we bring into the Team Ca$h Cow barn. Direct referral meaning someone that joins the Team from YOUR link.
He is also allocating 1$ from each membership fee to the Ca$h Corral, and once it gets to 10$ he'll purchase a filler position in Traffic Rascal under the next person in line who needs a referral.
Pete will update the Site in the next day or two to reflect all of this, OK? In the meantime, get out there and share the news and earn your bucks! Remember it's all about Team Work.


I mowed the front lawn yesterday and it was really long, so that was hard work. I still need to do the backyard and plant. Wonder what's taking me so long to plant this year? Maybe I'm just hesitant remembering the Hail Storm last July and all of my hard work being shred to pieces overnight. Ummm


Bunny Bump Game ... didn't I suggest that you Cancel your subscription for it? Well not everyone reads my blog and I just got word that the dang fee did NOT get canceled from the Admin side yet and WILL come out of your Alert Pay UNLESS YOU CANCEL IT RIGHT NOW! So go do it. Don't wait!


Got a note from Clay at Xanadu Riches the other day. Said the restructure was taking longer than expected (yeah right) and if you're NOT in Profit to send in a Support ticket and he'll send you some bucks.


Just agreed to watch the Grand Doggies tomorrow. The Kids are having some work done in their house and the dogs would just be in the way. So Gramma to the rescue, LOL Should be a fun day as long as I can keep them busy and entertained ... until their nap time that is. Then it's smooth sailing for an hour or two.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Cow Came Home :)

We Did It !!! (well Pete did it (smile))

Everyone in Team Ca$h Cow was anxious for someone to be the 100th member in Traffic Rascal cause it meant a Bonus. And we're not talkin pennies here either. Well, read the news and see how cool this is!

Hey Gang!

Quick update about the contest at Traffic Rascal. You should have got the email about the 1 more to go for #100. Well guess who jumped on it and bought a spot under the next in line to take a chance? Your trusty admin, that's who! And it worked!

So congrats to gerry2345 as he should be receiving the $75 for the referral and we won $25 for the team spot!

$10 of that $25 is going to purchase a month of advertising on the main page of Traffic Rascal to hopefully generate some interest in our team. The balance will be going into what I am calling a "Fund Corral". Extra funds generated by this and future team spots will be collected here and then used to buy additional spots under the next in line. But I will elaborate more on this later as I am writing this update on the fly and don't have much time to explain it all right now.

As you can see we are evolving and improving, and I 'm trying to do what is best for us as a Team. Keep doing what you are doing folks, and we will get where we need to be :-)

Pete-TCC Admin

p.s. Tell your friends about what's happening here. Everyone is always looking for something good!

So there you have it.
And if you've noticed ... I'm not promoting much else these days.
Why? Cause it's hard to trust anyone on the net that you don't know personally. Am I right?
There's just way too many scammers, hackers and thieves out there. (reminds me of a song)
At least we know with Team Ca$h Cow, that Pete has "clean hands" and will always be there for us. (Unless he dies before me, which I highly doubt) LOL


Oh I did buy a new spot in RockSolidFund today. It's been doing just fine and I have no problems with Tony now that all the drama of the programmer hacker is over with. Sheesh!


OK here's the song.
Send the little ones out of the room.
And don't say I didn't warn you!
*On 2nd thought, maybe this is the clean version.
He does say "Lovers, Muggers and Thieves" right?
Well, those who were around back then know what I'm talkin about. (grin)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Yes I know it was yesterday,
and I missed posting, and
that's not like me.

Happy Memorial Day!


Was just doing my surfing over at a traffic site that Team Ca$h Cow is stampeding this week.
Clicking through the sites, I noticed how many "team build" programs are out there. Which made me think of one of the BIG team builds I was in a while back.

Use to receive a lot of hoopla from the owner for each program he got into ... "get in now; get in fast; before the rest of the team; blah blah blah".
So I did. Or I tried anyway. All I ended up doing was losing money, or should I say donating it to the Owner of the Team since we were ALL advised to sign up under HIS LINK and we'd all get spillover.

Pete (Team Ca$h Cow) on the other hand is giving the Cow his personal touch, (sry that made me grin). For that one time 5$ membership fee, he's placing new team members where they need to be in order to benefit other team members, not only himself. And that's the way a TEAM should be run. Don't you think? I do.

So our first Team Build is Traffic Rascal (one-time $10) and after checking the site today, I see we're just a member or two from someone winning the BONUS bucks. New member # 100 will get 25$, and their sponsor 75$. I don't know about you but if I were eligible and Won that, it would sure put a spring in my step, lol

In our team 'chat' yesterday, this song was dedicated to me and announced as "Blondie's Theme Song for Team Ca$h Cow". Ahhhh, OK, thank you Gord (smile). Hey, we DO have fun :))

One more blondie song, back by popular demand (har!)