Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bad News - Good News

Hate to start a post this way but payments from SurftotheFuture seem to be running late as of today. Needless to say, I removed their banner from my side bar, for now anyway. Maybe the Admin has a good reason for not being here and I'll give him a chance to explain. But if we don't hear anything soon, I'm sorry to say it could be over :( 

JBP-JSS: according to Carl this morning, their latest ReStart Feed is only 20% complete and could take another week or two to finish. Also we should NOT expect high cycling from Matrices like we did from the first restart. They have changed the algorithm so that more matrices will stay in the system to cycle later, and not sooner. They will still cycle, just not all of them tomorrow, LOL
PS, emails and actual transactions are not in sync. You may cycle 3 matrices today, but not receive the email about it till 2 days later. Just so you know.

PXSense: very happy with PX and it's newly added 2x2 Matrix. I did throw in a crisp new hundred dollar bill on Sunday to get a jump on the new system. The way I understand it is once you qualify for a Matrix position, there you are. Then it's a matter of others coming in after you to be placed as well. Those without personal referrals will also receive matrix downline. So it's not just for those who share / promote. It will work for everyone once you have 10 active units in play... bought since Sunday that is.

Lucid Nature: added Maxivote to their site. Those who vote in Monitors know what it's all about. Makes the voting task much easier (auto) and the program 'stats' stay up to date in all the participating monitors. Good thinkin Admin.

aDailyCash: 3% daily earnings continue and I had enough in my account to request a cash out yesterday (min. $20) which I received overnight. Still not 100% comfortable with the site but the longer it lasts, the better I'll feel.

My Order Has Shipped. Nice. Ordered a brushroll over the weekend from Eureka for my poor vacuum cleaner. I replaced the belt last week and it ran good for about 5 minutes. Then the roller brush froze up and wouldn't roll anymore. Well, another $25.99 is still cheaper than a new vacuum. So I'll give the guy one more new body part and if it still doesn't work right, then I'm afraid he'll have to be put to rest.


Anonymous said...

Is centurionwealthcircle dead?
Maybe I missed the Funeral?


blondie said...

Hi Mike,
Tried to contact Larry but no reply.
Seems to be dead, doesn't it?
No blog update since Oct 30th.
Sure doesn't look good :(