Tuesday, January 24, 2012

OK I'm Back

JBP-JSS: still two weeks before the restart feed is completed. Funny how Carl says that all the time. Anyway, if it happens sooner, we'll all be happy.
- Calculator should be coming soon.
- Level 2 upgrade should be coming soon.
- New Systems coming to help us make more money, soon :)

PXSense: has added banner advertising on their Pixel page. After purchasing an upgrade, you get advertising credits. You can use those credits towards banner ad's now. Under "Toolbox" you will see "Your Banner Ads New". Click on that, set up your banner and assign some credits to it. Couldn't be easier.
Yesterday I purchased 5 more upgrades and cashed out a little too. Thanks Admin, good job.

GBC: received my profit share amount from GBC's Sunday run, as always :)

Lucid Nature: receiving my week day earnings once again. Gettin closer to that first maturing spend. I'll keep you updated.

aDailyCash: I don't believe everything I read in forums, but there seems to be some dirt on this Admin floating around. Have no clue if it's true or not. I suppose in 50 or 60 days we'll know more. In the meantime, I AM earning 3% daily and should be able to cash out again tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Tripler2: Still on schedule for re-opening Feb 1st with the new name of T2MoneyKlub (dot com).
My understanding is:
- the Alert Pay funds that were 'frozen' (so to speak) have been released and are now in Admin Dave's control.
- When you log into your member area, at the bottom of your dashboard there is a temporary Reset button. Click on that and compare those numbers to your own records. RC has not been added to that calculation yet, so if you did sponsor anyone into the program, those numbers will change later on.
My transaction amounts are right on the button. Hope yours are too.

LuxoSurf: received this note from John, the Admin of STTF and decided to join his new one. I understand also how things went wrong which is almost expected in a high risk surf. This new one seems much more attainable for a longer term so I'm giving him another shot. 
Dear blondie,
Many know that STTF was victimized by several factors which caused its downfall. The wrong plans made it also counter with each others plans. Majority upgraded in the 11% daily plan and then when those were in profit or most were paid portions already, there was not enough funds left to pay those in the 12 days plan.
After making this mistake, I am no longer going to let the same thing happen anymore. I made a new site with better plans which are 5 days apart and only pay on expiration. Wait, don't shake your head just yet. The plans are: 
110% after 5 days and 125% after 10 days.
It is the same autosurf just with better plans, and guaranteed to last for a longer time this time around.
The commission is 3% for direct referrals only and upgrade unit is at $1 only. But the minimum for both plans is $5.
Thank you for your continuous support.
Thank you!

On another note... I want to say a few words about the MoneyMakerGroup forum. Forums in general, are not for everyone and you have to understand that a lot of people who visit them are new to this sort of business. But on the other hand, some of us have been a member of this forum for a lot of years. Wait, let me show you my stats:
Group: Member
Posts: 5,307
Joined: 16-January 05
From: Colorado, USA
Member No.: 2,147

Now I personally enjoy MMG... to see what's new, what's paying, what others have to say about certain programs and/or to answer questions for newer members. It's been a very useful tool for the past 7 years for me.

Of course there are some who post to vent their frustrations when things don't work out. Some visit to catch up on programs or to learn about new ones. Some to ask questions or get directions. All in all, it's a good place to find information on what you're interested in.

Not everyone who visits a program 'thread' is going to agree with everything that is written in it. Well Hello, that's just human nature and if we didn't disagree on certain things, what a boring world this would be, LOL

But constant ass kissing is NOT what forums are for either. If we have something to say or ask or share, then we should be able to speak freely with our own opinions and not be 'suspended' for doing so.

That being said, anyone who 'bad mouths' a particular forum, is bad mouthing the forum 'members'... almost like saying "there's a guy on that street that I think is nuts, so the entire neighborhood must be nuts too". Not a good business practice.

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